Monday, November 5, 2012

Every year around March I have these genius ideas for Halloween. Every year I promise myself to write down these genius ideas for October. And every year I forget and it's a last minute, unoriginal scramble.

Last year, Adam came up with a pretty genius idea in October, so we actually went through with it. We were Hawaiian Punch - he was a boxer and I was a hula girl. But of course, we waited until ohhh, two days before the Halloween party to actually pull it together. Typical.

This year, I knew I was going to be in Miami for work the weekend before Halloween (aka Adult Halloween) so I kinda sorta happily wrote off Halloween. Until my manager told me we were going out in Miami for Halloween - the Halloween Mecca, if you will. Luckily, one of her friends let me borrow a costume (Little Red Riding Hood, if you're interested).

We started out at Lucky Strike and then headed over to Soho Beach House for the big par-tay. Turns out Soho is a super fancy, members only club in Miami - and for Halloween they went all out with their Circus theme.

The following day was our No Kid Hungry Palm Beach dinner, which raised $81,000 to fight childhood hunger - woo hoo!

As I previously mentioned, we closed on our house shortly after I returned from Florida and spent actual Halloween sitting on our new front stoop hoping to make some new neighbor friends. We did meet a nice old man, Gene, and his dog, Lewis. And we had a good amount of kids come through. Great success!

I completely forgot to include the picture of the most amazing Halloween costumes, ever!! I don't know how I forgot about the Halloween party I went to in Atlanta the night before Miami. Kelly and/or Vann (it's still up for debate) had the incredible idea to dress up as Designing Women. Most of these fabulous get-ups came straight from Vann's closet - just a casual Friday! We definitely had the best costumes - even if no one actually got what we were.


  1. Hey! Where's Friday night's costume?! (aka, why isn't my picture on here?)


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