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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Yowza, I've been bad about updating for basically all of December. Since there's only 2 days left in 2012, I'm going to cram everything into this one disorganized post...

Attended Dallas and Chad's engagement party on December 7. (Adam is a groomsmen in their June wedding.)

Celebrated Madi's graduation with a MASTERS on December 8 with dinner at Pure Taqueria (boo!) and out at Johnnie McCracken's.

Adam made homemade pasta for Debbie's birthday dinner at our house on December 9.

Took a cooking class at the Viking School on December 14. It was meant for Debbie & Dave, but Debbie got the flu and they couldn't cancel day-of, so we just had to take their place.

Joined in the revelry of Brandon & Taylor's wedding at Vinewood Plantation on December 15. Great time catching up with old friends.

6th Annual LHS Baseball Christmas Party at the Pounds' new home on December 16.

PPSC Christmas Party at Jillian's on December 17.

Very Merry Hen Christmas on December 18.

Drove through Lights of Life with Adam and Ruthie on December 19. I've been DYING to go to Lake Lanier's lights since we moved here in 1998. Since Lights of Life is literally 2 miles from our house (and free),  Adam and I settled for that. Little did I know that it was only about .01 miles long. We drove around twice and were still out of there in 10 minutes. Ha! Still had fun with my little family, though.

Traveled to AUSTIN, TEXAS for Anna's Bachelorette last weekend. If I had the energy, this would deserve it's own post. I'll just say... it was amazing. I can't even sum it up into one word or phrase. So excited to celebrate Anna & Danny's wedding with this fabulous crew next month!

Celebrated Christmas Eve with church (times 2!) and family time.

Woke up Christmas morning in our new home! It was so wonderful to wake up just the two of us (plus Ruthie!) and keep it low key. We kept up the tradition of wearing tacky hats (Adam was a cowboy and I was a dinosaur) and we chowed down on some monkey bread and mimosas.

Then we headed to my parents' house to open presents, followed by dinner at the Bakers - with my family and the Causeys. Some seriously awesome family time was had. We ended Christmas by seeing Django Unchained with my dad and Mitchell - Adam says it's the greatest movie he's ever seen.

Enjoyed some good ole high school fun with Christine, Dominica, Erik and Adam at our place. Munched on unhealthy holiday food and played immature drinking games. Loved every second of it. (Check out our new curtains in the picture!! Thank you to Debbie for the fabric and Meagan for making them!)

Caught up with some other high school friends to celebrate Whitney's engagement!

Yesterday was also eventful (shocking, right?). First, we tried to change our address on our licenses - turns out all of Cobb County had the same plan. We didn't feel like waiting in either line (yes, we went to two different DMVs) so that was a fail. Then we decided to take Ruthie to the dog park... and she got attacked by a pit bull. FANTASTIC. The stupid dog bit off a tiny part of Ruthie's ear, and it turns out injuries on a dog's nose or ear bleed the most. We got home and patched her up, but our bathroom looked like a scene from Dexter.

FINALLY, we went to Cirque du Soleil Totem at Atlantic Station!! It was my Christmas gift from Adam and we both loved it - seriously mind blowing. Then we went to eat at Mi Cocina in Midtown. Holy cow - best Mexican I've had outside of Texas or California. Can't wait to go back!

I'm out of breath just typing all of that! I honestly didn't realize how busy we were until I typed all that out. Whew! We are certainly very grateful for all of these wonderful blessings of friends and family we receive year round - but we're especially thankful this time of the year. Here's to 2013!

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