Flashback to New Zealand

Friday, April 26, 2013

Last week my mom dropped off a bag of our stuff we left at her house when we were in between places... a couple years ago. Whoops! Per usual, I pushed it to the side and didn't actually look through it for a couple days. When I did, I was overall not impressed - some paint pens, a sudoku book, a batting glove...but then I pulled out a shiny orange journal. As soon as I saw it I knew exactly what it was. My journal from my four months studying abroad in New Zealand. SCORE!

This morning I decided to dive in and.... holy cow. I immediately texted my study abroad BFF, Kalyn, to share the good news and memories. I spent a solid 45 minutes crying from laughing so hard! It is so ridiculous I felt I needed to share a few of the top gems on here. (And let's be real, I'll probably lose the journal again, so I'd rather have somewhere these memories can permanently live. I will probably regret that statement.)

July 9, 2008 (Day 2): Then we got to go in town for awhile where I cashed another traveler's check... $1,500 will NOT be enough for this entire trip!
(Note how that was Day Two. My parents really enjoyed that one.)

July 9, 2008 (Day 2): There's a girl in our group with naturally gray hair. P.S. No Priuses, lots of sheep.

July 15, 2008 (Day 8): Then we paid $10 for a taxi to take us across the street.

July 21, 2008 (Day 14): Today is the first day of classes. I don't wanna go!
(Already? Way to go, Elizabeth.)

August 22, 2008 (Day 45): My horse's name was Fity...after 50 Cent. I'm not joking.
(Horseback riding trip from hell. Scenery was gorgeous, until one of the horses just fell over. Didn't hurt himself or the rider, but was a traumatic experience for all of us.)

August 28, 2008 (Day 51): Yesterday I FINALLY painted my toenails.
(Um, ok?)

August 31, 2008 (Day 54): So my gameplan for the day is to read and nap. I'm a really good napper.
(Try not to overdo it.)

September 3, 2008 (Day 57): Some very angry drunk threw his empty pitcher of beer at my head and I felt like such a loser because I ran off to the bathroom to cry. Kalyn made us leave and Lance bought us kebabs.
(Kebabs make everything better, by the way.)

September 7, 2008 (Day 61): The only reason I'm in a bad mood is because I ate an entire pizza (8 pieces) by myself today.
(Probably my favorite entry, ever.)

Sometime during Spring Break in September: Kalyn got sick that night, so Jefe and I got dinner and then went to Electric Avenue to grab a drink... without knowing it was a gay bar.

Sometime during Spring Break in September: Kalyn and I pleased the crowd with our version of Mmmbop. Unfortunately, NZers don't do karaoke for laughs.

Sometime during Spring Break in September (Trip to Australia): Mom and I went on a snorkel & dive cruise to the Great Barrier Reef. She had some minor difficulties and ended up somehow sitting on the coral, which we were told numerous times to not do.

October 15, 2008 (Day 99): Kalyn and I were supposed to go to Jonni's dance concert on Friday, but we went to Jeff & Siggy's hotdog party instead.
(Really? You chose a hotdog party?)

November 5, 2008 (Day 120): On Saturday, we went to the Lion Man... biggest waste of money. We paid $100 to see big cats get fed.

I think it's beyond appropriate that the very last word in this journal is 'kebab.' I still haven't had a kebab since New Zealand and would pay someone a lot of money to bring me one.

I'm pretty sure the only time I took time to write in this was when I was procrastinating on my school work, as I open a lot of entries that way. Clearly a dedicated student.

In addition to these ridiculous ramblings, believe it or not we actually did some insanely once-in-a-lifetime stuff (skydiving, bungee jumping, staying at numerous hostels, camping, etc.). That trip was the most amazing time and I hope to go back one day! Highly recommend New Zealand to anyone contemplating it.

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