Easter and such...

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter happened on Sunday, and a lot of other things happened before that. Here's my (once again) sorry excuse for an update.

Did I mention I met Ted Turner? He's awesome.

Ruthie and I have been attending as many of Adam's baseball games as we can - which honestly isn't that often. She still doesn't understand why she can't be on the field at all times.

Visited the Governor's Mansion and saw the Olympic Torch. Just another casual living room decoration...

Kelly and I filmed Atlanta Eats at Del Frisco's Grille. [Caution: This guy will manhandle your food.]

Adam had his Fantasy Baseball draft party at our house - looks exciting, huh?

I had to run by Little Alley Steak for work, so my mom met me there and we had a couple drinks... and the nice bartenders also gave us a couple shots. 

Doug's 25th birthday celebration was on Friday, and we all celebrated at Johnnie MacCracken's (of course). I tell you what - that place attracts the most diverse people. We saw a group of people around our parent's demographic, a bunch of hipsters, people just there to hang out, and a legit biker gang. There's something for everyone!

My mom's friend for over 26 years, Jay, came in town on Saturday and I enjoyed being a part of their reunion. We had a boozy lunch at Einstein's (not the bagel place), and then headed over to BYOB nail salon Sugarcoat.

Easter was awesome. Adam and I went to the 7am service (they bribed us with Krispy Kreme), and then we worked in the nursery for the 9am service. They put us with the baby babies, and my heart just melted. Cutest little bugs, ever!

After church, we headed to the Bakers for the first binge fest of the day, then headed over to my parents' for the second. If you were keeping track, Lent was OVER on Easter!!!! It may be hard to believe, but we're actually going to keep doing this paleo shin dig, just not nearly as strict.    

This past week was a blessing, as they all are, and I'm looking forward to the fun weekend ahead - Braves game for Dominica's birthday and Natalie and Emily are coming to town!

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