It's Memorial Day... not National BBQ Day

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Believe it or not, this glorious three day weekend was not due to National BBQ Day or National Mattress Sale Day. I have to admit, had I not been reminded by other people's much wittier words, I may have coasted through this weekend without even thinking about why we didn't go to work on Monday. I've seen a lot of photos, stories, etc. summing up this weekend, but this one is my favorite. So rather than speak uneloquently about Memorial Day, I'll let you read this.

I kicked off Memorial Day weekend a little early with Girls Night at Marietta Wine Market on Wednesday.  My mom and I stumbled on the shop a couple weeks back and I noticed they had wine tastings on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons. Dominica and I went two weeks ago, and now we're hooked. Of course, on our first visit we became best friends with the owners - so now we're on a first name basis and feel super cool. Now that I've been 3+ times in two weeks, I do not feel super cool - I feel like a super creeper. Anyway, Dominica and I decided the next girls night had to be at the Wine Market, so off we went!

On Friday, our office closed at 1pm and since Adam's last day of school was Thursday, we decided to spend the afternoon at the pool.

I found these bad boys in Food Network Magazine this month and decided to make them to mix with my Vodka Sprite at the pool. They took me all of 15 seconds to make, but I felt so crafty and original! (And they happened to be super refreshing and delicious.)

Typical, I covered myself in sunscreen but still got burnt in the most random places. AWESOME. We headed back to the house and got spruced up to head to a few graduation parties. (Let's remember, Adam's a high school softball and baseball coach, so he had a few invites. We don't hang out with high schoolers on the reg.) They actually ended up being pretty fun. The other coaches are always a good time, and who doesn't love drinking some wine poolside on a cool summer evening?

Saturday we were up bright and early to walk up to the Farmers Market. I told Adam I wanted two things: fresh squeezed lemonade and a puppy. (They never sell lemonade or puppies.) Lo and behold, they had the cutest little lemonade stand this week and for $1.50 my thirst was totally satisfied. And then (OF COURSE), some lady was walking around holding this puppy that looked just like Ruthie. After a few pets, the woman said "Do you want her? She's free to a good home!" (Are you kidding me, lady!? Get me away from that thing!) After politely declining - and then being told by a couple randos that there was some lady giving away a dog that looked just like ours - we ran into her again. I am so proud of myself. Adam was over there saying "It's fate! You wanted lemonade and a puppy!" and I stood my ground. (But let's be real, if we had run into her again I would have bought into the whole fate thing and we would have a puppy destroying our house right now.)

Moving on - Saturday was my dad's 54th birthday, so we met up with my parents at (you guessed it!) the Wine Market for the wine tasting. (Seriously? They have to be so sick of me by now.) After wine, it was grilling time at my parents'. Check out these bad boys!

Happy birthday, daddy!

The boys got up early Sunday to go golfing, and my mom and I spent the morning checking out different antique malls. We always end up trying on obnoxious hats and just about peeing ourselves from laughing so hard. Real mature.

Adam and I have been lucky enough to receive a good amount of gift cards for restaurants, and we finally decided to redeem one of them on Sunday night and have ourselves a date night. We chose Salt Factory Pub in Roswell, and I was super impressed. Highly recommend the Calamari and Thai Beef Lettuce Wraps. The best part (other than the company, of course) was that we scored outdoor seating! They only have 4 little tables outside, and the stars aligned for us to get one.

On Monday, I felt like we had to do something patriotic so we decided to hike up Kennesaw Mountain. Turns out we weren't the only ones with that idea. We pulled up to lots of cars and people watching a reenactment. (At that point I spazzed out and fumbled to turn off the radio blaring music that I'm sure wasn't supposed to be part of the act.) We kept driving and scored a parking spot at another hiking trail, so that sufficed. Well, if you asked Ruthie I bet she loved this walk even more because it included a trip to a creek - which she immediately decided was her new home.

We ended the day with some pool time (guess what? I got awkwardly burnt again, even covered in SPF30...again.) and an early night. I was in bed by 9PM - keeping it real crazy over here, y'all!

I thought I'd be ending this post saying it was a pretty low-key Memorial Day Weekend, but after recapping all of that - it ended up being pretty eventful! Thank you to all of those who have and do serve to ensure our freedom. We are forever grateful for your sacrifices.

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