Weekend at home

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The past couple weekends have been fun, but busy. Visiting Mitchell at school, Bake Sale in Miami... it was nice to spend a whole weekend with the hubs!

Friday night we were treated to the McNeelys! They are a long-time family friend of the Bakers who moved back home to Canada in 2011. I keep trying to think of the last time I saw them, and I think it was 2011 - crazy. We sure do love them, and hope they have an amazing two weeks at the BEACH.

Lookie - they brought us real Canadian Maple Syrup!

We slept in on Saturday morning (did I mention how amazing it is to have a dog who also enjoys sleeping in?), and then slowly got our act together. Later that afternoon was our friend's Quatro de Mayo party, and she goes all out.

I was an epic fail at the pinata - I didn't even hit it.

But I dominated Twister!

The sun finally showed its pretty little face for a bit on Sunday, so we took full advantage. After church, we leashed up Ruthie and walked down to the Square to check out the Farmers Market. They didn't have much, so we decided to go exploring around our neighborhood... one of my favorite past times! That's one of the many things I love about where we live - you can get lost in all the streets surrounding us.

Speaking of loving where we live, I love our home, but I really don't like hate our front yard. We had these random skinny bushes in the front and I could not stand them. So Adam ripped them out and we made the spontaneous decision to finally get some sort of garden-y thing started. We jumped in the car and headed to Pike's Nursery having no idea what we were doing. With no direction, we naturally didn't ask for help, threw some things in the cart and headed home.


Freshly planted!

Silly me, I was under the impression that the bushes would be full size by Fall... Adam informed me it would take about four seasons. WHAT? At least we've got progress, people. (Now aa long as I don't kill them...)

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