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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

We have had a busy, family-filled couple of weeks lately... and I LOVE it.

We kicked it off on Tuesday (Nov 12) with Tequila Tasting at Ceviche Taqueria. My cousin Emma works there and told me about this fun promo they do every the fourth Tuesday of every month. It's a pretty awesome deal - $35 gets you three tastings shots of tequila, a margarita, queso, guacamole, t-shirt and koozie. Dominica, mom, Aunt Kathy and Emma all joined and we had a great time. Especially mom... tequila is her favorite (besides vodka, of course).

That same night, Jeff and Katie got in town! Since they were staying in Buckhead and got in late, so we didn't see them until Wednesday.

Katie was in town to attend a Dermatology PA conference and brought some of her fun props to dinner on Wednesday. We learned how to stitch on fake skin - so cool! So don't worry - if anything happens when we're in the wilderness (why would I be in the wilderness?), I can stitch you up.

On Friday, Adam and I enjoyed an always delicious dinner at his parents' before heading down to Buckhead to enjoy the night with Jeff and Katie. They were nice enough to switch from a luxurious king room to a double so we could crash with them - thanks, team!

We started the night in our old college stomping ground, East Andrews area, at Park Bench. Bad news, it's still a college area and we were definitely the oldest people there. Whatevs! Our friend, Matt Cheij, joined us and said there was a bar down the street that was more "our scene" so we headed there. Katie and I happen to love playing Buck Hunter, and Kramer's had it. BINGO. After Buckhead, we dropped by some other Atlanta landmarks before we headed back to the hotel.

Saturday was football day at the Reaves'. The big (and exciting) Auburn vs. Georgia football game was obviously on. (Ever since Mitchell started at Auburn, our family is suddenly the BIGGEST Auburn fan.) Look at Ruthie cheering on the Tigers! Cutest, ever. The game ended with Auburn come back and winning in an insane Hail Mary play.

Katie and I missed this exciting final play, because we headed out early to drop off Ruthie on the way to dinner. The whole family finally got to try one of my parents' favorite restaurants, Horseradish Grill. It was so yummy, I highly recommend. Sadly, Katie had to depart the next morning, but Jeff hung out until his next rotation started on Tuesday.

Moving from family to friends...

Last Wednesday, we had our girls night at hibachi. Because what's weird about four girls chowing down on hibachi on a casual Wednesday? I LOVE HIBACHI. So much. (Also, our cook was white - so that was weird.)

On Friday, Adam and I made the hike up to Gainesville to celebrate Kirklan and Randi at their Couples Wedding Shower. Kirklan was a groomsman in our wedding and Adam is one in his, too. Neither of us had met Randi before, and she was as sweet as can be. Very excited for them! (Also, is November over yet. I'm OVER Adam's mustache!)

Our good friends, Chad and Dallas, also live in Gainesville so we decided to spend the night with them since we were already up there. We headed out to a bar, Recess, later in the evening and ran into Kirklan and Randi again. Party time!

Love Dallas!

These two act like little kids when they're together. Ay yi yi.

After waking up and enjoying lunch with the Sages, we headed back home. Well, I headed home for the day while Adam headed home, showered and went right back up to Gainesville for a Groom Shower/Football day at Kirklan's. LOTS of driving for him.

On Sunday, the baby Baker, Kelsey, turned 21! Debbie and Dave had already planned to drive down to Milledgeville to visit her at school, and Debbie came up with the great idea for all of us to come down and surprise her! We were all able to do it, and I'm pretty sure she loved having her whole family there to celebrate. YOU'RE 21, KELSEY!!

And TODAY is our little Ruthie's third birthday!! Unfortunately, the weather is pretty crappy so she can't even go outside and play. Boo. :(

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