Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Not even going to apologize for my lack of posting. Moving on...

I headed down to Florida for the last event of the year at the end of October. Our No Kid Hungry Palm Beach dinner fell on the same weekend last year, and I wasn't aware that we were going to celebrate Halloween the night before. This year I came prepared!

After a long night out in Miami, we got up and headed to Palm Beach for the dinner. Good news, we raised over $109,000 (our goal was $100,000) - so I guess our Halloween outfits were good luck. The dinner was amazing - we had a great group of people in the room and our chefs were awesome (as always).

Check out that menu - delish!

Some of our participating chefs.... rock stars!

After returning from Florida, two days before Halloween, I never got back in the Halloween "groove". (Full disclosure: I pulled out our three decorations on Halloween and we didn't even get a pumpkin.) However, Adam and Ruthie did dress up for the occasion!

I made him take his costume off when trick-or-treaters came... Have you seen our neighborhood? A little inappropriate.

We had one little boy come by who was dressed up as a Power Ranger. He spent a solid five minutes in our house showing off his moves and putting Ruthie in a headlock. She was such a trooper!

We've been pretty nonstop since Halloween, too. On November 2, Adam attended his first Dad-chelor party. Basically, it's a chance for the dad-to-be to drink and smoke cigars with his friends before the bebe comes. Also, all the guys had to bring a pack of diapers. Would have LOVED to see them shopping for those!

Just a casual Saturday afternoon car ride.

The next day, I attended Afternoon in the Country with Kelly and Jason. Adam couldn't tag along this year because they raised ticket prices by $30-$40.... yowza! Anyway, it was a fun time and I'm now addicted to Kevin Gillespie's chicken sandwich. (Seriously, better than Chick-Fil-A. And I'm a huge Chick-Fil-A fan.)

Last Tuesday (look, I'm getting closer to real-time... only a week ago!), some of our amazing Atlanta Share Our Strength committee members joined us to sort cans at the Atlanta Community Food Bank's Product Rescue Center. It's always a fun time!

On Thursday, I took the afternoon off because Adam also had the afternoon off. We decided to head down to Piedmont Park (our old stomping grounds!) and take Ruthie to her favorite dog park.

The picture on the left is one of Ruthie and I the day we got her from the Humane Society! I tried to make her pose for a similar one when we were back in the park last week. She wasn't being very cooperative.

This past weekend I was surprised(!) by my very best friend!! I was seriously so surprised when she came waltzing into our house on Saturday morning. We spent the day together until it was time to get ready for Adam's work party that night.

Enterprise rented out 25,000 cars in the North Georgia region (I think....), so corporate threw their team a huge party. They rented out the Tabernacle, had an open bar and food, and recruited the most amazing cover band. Ever. I was so excited to finally meet all of Adam's co-workers! I feel like I know them all, so it was fun to put faces to names/stories.

Party on the Moon. World's best cover band, ever. Seriously. For real. Can't say it enough. Apparently they played at Obama's inauguration, and Eli Manning flew them to Cabo for some party. I 100% believe it.

I found out the trick to get Adam on the dance floor... Make sure all of his coworkers  bosses like to dance, so he can show off. I'll take it!

His 'stache finally made it's photo debut. We had so much fun! And the cherry on top, we were able to meet Kelly and Jason for a drink at Park Bar after. (What's the deal with me never getting a picture of all of us, team?)

We were planning to take Uber home, but I got a fun notification telling me that the fair would be 1.75x the normal rate because they were so busy. (What?) Kelly told me to try Lyft, so we did and it's my new found love. It only cost $29 (including tip) to get from Downtown to our house in Marietta. SOLD.

After recovering for the majority of the day on Sunday, I headed back downtown to attend the 7th GRACE Awards, hosted by our friends at the Georgia Restaurant Association. It was a gorgeous event and the food was (you guessed it) prettttty good.

Yesterday was Veteran's Day (which my fabulous employer considers it the holiday that it is). My mom and I decided to spend the day at the new Outlets up 575 and get a start on Christmas shopping. It was a great day, topped off with a hot fudge sundae from the Ghirardelli store (oh, fine).

So there it is. There's my sad excuse of an update for the past two or three weeks. Jeff and Katie are coming in town tonight and will be here all week, so fingers crossed I do a better job filling in on that.

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