Turkey Festivities

Friday, December 6, 2013

How was Thanksgiving already over a week ago? We had a great time enjoying our family and friends - our favorite part of the holiday season!

On Tuesday, we grabbed dinner with two of our great friends - Barbara and Ben. Of course, we had to introduce them to Mulligan's after dinner - which is where Ben (aka Mr. Fitness Fanatic) somehow convinced Barb and I to join him for Crossfit the next morning. (Disclaimer: The only reason we agreed was because we were promised IHOP after.)

We totally rocked the work out! And I beat Barb by 3 seconds - ha! I can see why people get addicted to Crossfit... the people are fun and the workouts are short. I figured this was an appropriate shirt to wear for the occasion. (Thanks for the caption, Ben.)

On Thanksgiving morning, the fam participated in the 11th Annual Gobble Jog in the Marietta Square. It was the coldest Thanksgiving in over a century (29 degrees - brrr!), and mom dressed for the arctic circle.

It was a chilly, but beautiful morning. So glad we got a little exercise in before we stuffed ourselves!

Just a few other participants...

That afternoon, we all went over to Meagan and Nathan's for Thanksgiving dinner. For the first time in a long time, we only attended one Thanksgiving, as my family was also invited over. We had a great day at the Causeys, and are very thankful for all of our family and friends!

How beautiful is this table setting? Meagan is so crafty - I'm jealous!

I'm especially thankful for this guy - even with his obnoxious mustache. :) 

Below are the two items I made (yes, me!). Adam made his delish fried Mac n Cheese balls.

For this, I chose Pecans, Almonds, Cashews, Pretzels and Dried Cranberries. And I made the Chipotle seasoning. They were a hit!

I thought these were a little too garlicky, but still yummy.

Post-Thanksgiving photo shoot with Ruthie. She's so cooperative...

Mitchy! He tried to bail on us Thursday night to head back to Auburn for the Iron Bowl, but we talked him into staying until Friday. (Holy, Iron Bowl!!! I know nothing about football, but that was exciting!!)

On Friday night, Adam and I went out with some new friends. Adam works with Matt, whose girlfriend is this fun chick below! We met at the Enterprise party a few weeks back, and Morgan and Matt invited us over for dinner and to go out. We're always down for new friends, and we had a great time.

And now that it's December... it means Movember is OVER! Much better.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanskgiving!

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