Monday, March 24, 2014

Lucky for my bank account, many of my best friends from college don't live in Georgia. But this past weekend, one of my dear friends Whittney decided to venture down to the Peach State to celebrate her 25th birthday in Athens. We have a sorority sister who's still in school there, so we had a free place to stay - and it's just over an hour drive for me. Perfect!

We all arrived on Saturday to perfect weather. We spent the afternoon looking through cute boutiques and enjoying a cocktail at the Georgia Theatre rooftop bar. Whittney loves a good skyline.

After dinner at Fuzzy's Taco Shop, we headed back to get ready for our big night out acting like college kids again. Danger! We were supposed to start the night at a Dem Franchize Boyz concert at a frat house, but we were a little late. I blame my little brother's friends for not telling us they were coming on so early!

First stop was Boar's Head. Love my birthday girl!

I didn't take pictures at all of our stops, but here we are with the DJ at 9D's, a bar that strictly plays 90's music. We always end up in the DJ booth, whether we're allowed to or not.

I found one of Adam's old baseball buddies from college, Jordan! (Kissy face was out in full force.)

And of course we ended the night harassing my poor little brother's friends. Sorry for partying, Bennett and Nick.

I came home on Sunday morning just in time for Jillian's engagement brunch at South City Kitchen. I've known Jillian since I was 14, and she has remained one of my dearest friends. So happy for her and Austin! How adorable are these Sprinkles engagement cupcakes?

Because Hank is just so cuddly and funny, I'll end this post with a picture of what he looks like right now. His life is so hard. (I'm also glad someone is using the dog bed we spent a pretty penny on for Ruthie.)

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