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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Since Adam is now working at the airport Enterprise branch for the next three months, his schedule is whack. As in, sometimes he works 1pm - midnight and sometimes he works 6am - 5pm... and he always has different days off. Luckily, he did have last Saturday off and the weather was beautiful. We decided to take the pups over to East Cobb Park for the afternoon. It's a pretty cute little park, like a super-mini Piedmont Park.

Ruthie is our water dog. She would spend all day splashing around if she could. This was Hank's first experience with water like this, and he wasn't too sure about it.

We all enjoyed people and puppy watching.

Because of Adam's whack-a-doodle schedule, our pre-planned St. Patty's Day/Birthday party on March 15 wouldn't work out this year as he's working both Saturday and Sunday this week. We took advantage of him not working last Saturday and had a few people over last-minute to celebrate.

The big 2-6!

We spent a good bit of the evening playing Cards Against Humanity (so fun!) at our house before we moved on to 120 Tavern up the street. Turns out Dominica dominates at Foosball. No mercy!

On Sunday, Adam had to work so I decided to take the pups and go hang out with the 'rents for the day. Little fatty was quick to find the secret hiding spot of their dog food. I couldn't find him for a couple minutes and found him here in the laundry room, chowing down. 

Speaking of the little fatty (he weighs 18lbs now), look who has started to climb into his kennel for naps... all by himself! However, he's getting even worse at night and we have succumbed to his cuteness a couple times and let him sleep with us. Bad move!

On Monday, I was back at my parents to celebrate my mom's birthday. My dad spoiled her this year and got her a new wedding ring (she lost her a couple years back).

I bought her some tequila shot glasses she mentioned awhile back - they're made out of Himalayan sea salt so you can remove the 'lick' step from the complicated tequila shot process. Mom, Kathy and Dad enjoyed testing them out.

And then Tuesday night we celebrated mom again with some friends at Ceviche. The woman just can't get enough tequila!

Also on Tuesday, I finally decided to chop all my hair off. Jae at Bob Steele Salon did such an awesome job! I'm pretty low-key with my hair. I'm of the mindset "If I don't like it, then it'll grow out", so I trusted Jae and let her do her thing. Ta da! I finally look like an adult. It's taking some getting used to, but I love it!

So that's that. Happy March!

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