Thursday, March 6, 2014

I'm going to give myself a pat on the back for doing such a good job continually updating this blog in 2014 (so far). With that being said, I don't feel like writing a whole story, so you're just going to get pictures and captions this time. 

My parents won a Four Course Wine Dinner at Bocado at one of my events... they let us tag along last Tuesday when they redeemed it. Yum!

I spent the end of last week in DC for my team's annual retreat. Quick pit stop at Whole Foods with the kids.

I came home Friday night to these beauties. Thanks, handsome!

After checking out this amazing hole-in-the-wall by our house for lunch (Presto Latin Grill), we headed to Decatur with Erik and Dominica. First stop, Brick Store Pub.

Next stop, a couple rounds of Bocce (and beers) at Leon's Full Service. Adam and Erik made a new friend - he made "snow angels" in the gravel. We laughed.

Next stop, Mac McGee for whiskey flights.

Back to Brick Store Pub for snacks...and a selfie.

Sunday Funday with Adam and the pups. Look, I'm wearing shorts! Such a gorgeous day.

Adam and Hank really got into the Academy Awards.

Did I mention Adam and my dad played tennis together this winter? Division winners! I was finally able to watch a match - their first playoff match - but they lost. They both had a great time, though!

Last night, we attend the 2nd Annual #BowlForNick at Brunswick Zone. Nick is a dear friend of ours who passed away in November 2012, and this is a fun way to get everyone together and raise some money! (Adam and Nick played baseball together when they were younger, and Nick's mom burst into tears when Adam walked in. One of the sweetest/most heartbreaking things I've ever seen.)

Hank has learned how to hump (yay). If he's not in my lap or outside, he's humping my leg. I picked the lesser of two evils yesterday. He really helped me get some work done.

Speaking of Hank, this picture makes me sad. The one of the left is the day we got him (February 1), the one on the right is exactly one month after we got him (March 1). Growing boy!

Ta da!

Oh, yeah! Lent started yesterday. No paleo for us this year (phew). I gave up.... Facebook (I know, right?), cheese and bread. Such a random combo. Adam gave up... booze! (He said he'll do the "cheat on Sunday" thing, which we did last year.)

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