Aiden: Seven Months

Monday, March 28, 2016

At this point, is it even worth prefacing these monthly updates with my disbelief at how old she is? HOW DO I HAVE A 7 MONTH OLD?? I'm way too young for this.

I remember Meagan telling me she didn't realize how hard it was having a newborn until she looked back and thought "Wow, that was hard." It's so true! You just kind of take it day-by-day in the beginning, but now I look back and think "How did we do that?!" She's just so much fun these days, and we're loving her crazy little personality that's starting to shine through!

Seven months, oh golly.
  • She's still a good little sleeper in her crib! Except that she gets up every 3-4 hours to eat. We had a couple nights where she would do a stretch from 7pm - 2am, but that was a short-lived tease.
  • She can sure get around, considering she's not crawling or scooting, yet. But we've noticed she's really starting to get frustrated that she can't go wherever she pleases. (Soon enough, little one!)
  • She's sitting up! (game changer)
  • Now that she's discovered this whole new world of sitting up, she loves to play with toys. She especially loves to pick toys up and throw them. (Yay.)
  • I'm pretty sure she could spend an entire afternoon inspecting tags. She loves them. As soon as she finds them on a toy, she's hypnotized for a solid 5-10 minutes.
  • She loves to be pulled up from sitting down to standing up. You can tell she feels like such a big girl and is so proud of herself.
  • I love her cute little voice when she "talks".
  • She loves touching Adam's beard and eating my face. Except it's starting to hurt, because she can really chomp down these days.
  • She has two more teeth! Her two top toofers came through on March 18. The poor thing had a terrible time teething, which makes me feel even worse about her first teething experience. We didn't even know her first two had come through until the doctor told us. Poor thing was teething and dealing with Kawasaki at the same time.
  • She hates baby food, but loves real food. (Such a foodie!) Her current faves are sweet potato and banana.
  • She loves watching videos of herself. She also loves watching videos, period. 
  • With this beautiful weather, we've really been able to take advantage of her love of the outdoors. It's so convenient that we have a park one block over - she gets to swing multiple times a week.
  • All attention has to be on her. She's perfectly content playing on the floor... as long as you give her your undivided attention.
She is a MANIAC and we are obsessed with her! We're pretty nervous for her to start moving, because we know she's not going to stop! Oh, Aiden Grace. We love you so.

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