I Think I'll Take a Walk Outside Now

Monday, March 28, 2016

And here…we…go…

March has (mostly) been full of beautiful weather! We've loved being outside with our little bit. 

This hat! I die.

T is for Taco! Thanks Auntie Nat!

Celebrating Nonna's birthday at Top Golf.

Check out that form! I know nothing about golf, but I'm sure it's great.

Aiden and I joined the Coopers for their last St. Patty's Parade at their Juniper party condo!

BB and Baby Chicky!

Jude is such a big boy!


Adam and I had a fun little date night at Gunshow!

Check out this dessert plating… Fancy pants. (And delish.)

Moving and shaking these days. (Can you find the baby?)

I went to get her medicine and came back to find her like THIS. Flipped over on her own. I could have died (after I took a picture, of course). No more unsupervised changing table parties for AG.

Warm days call for nakey naps!

She finally fits in shopping carts, and she couldn't be more thrilled.

Poor Ruthie. Such a good sport.

Andddd now she's under the couch. Kbye!


Look at this sleeping angel with her little booty up in the air.

I had to post all these pictures, because they sum her up these days. These were all taken within maybe thirty seconds. She never stops!

Look at that FACE! (Where is my baby, and who is this grown up?)

Celebrating Daddy's favorite holiday!

All dressed up for the Easter bunny!

Happy Birthday to Adam!

Birthday breakfast! (Aiden is way too into her picture, obvi.)

(Shout out to this "box" cake. It's really just everything pre-portioned out for you. Pretty amazing.)

 Uncle Mitch!

Her first highchair experience at a restaurant. I'll use the word "chaotic".

Seriously, Ruthie is such a good sport.


Dom came to play!

So did Gigi!

Adam met up with some guys from church at Doughnut Dollies, so he took us the next day, Yummmmy!

Sweet little love!

Lassiter Baseball 2006 State Champs 10 Year Reunion! (That's a mouthful.) Fun times.

How are we old enough for this?

Aiden and I visited Mamabear! Always fun to see them together.

And we'll finish this post off with a picture of my little lady's first picnic! She was kind enough to invite me.

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