Counting Down Until Spring

Monday, March 7, 2016

The weather these past couple days has been so beautiful, and poor Aiden is the victim of my excitement. She has so many cute spring clothes, and I keep jumping the gun and putting her in short sleeves because she just looks so.darn.cute. Then I have to change her when I realize that 60 degrees isn't exactly bikini weather. Yet. She has been getting some good use out of her adorable sun hat, though.

Let's see….

We've hit up a few more of Adam's baseball games. Aiden LOVES being outside, and she just kicks and yells… the cutest fan, ever.

We had a playdate with Kelly and Vann! Aiden's all about faces these days. So fun to have a little gals catch up party. SO. Soooo. (I can't use the word "so" without thinking of you two!)

Daddy always does bath time, but now that he has baseball more nights - I've taken over some of the shifts. She loves bath time! And then, one night, I tried to take it a step further by making it a spa night with her robe and slippers. She wasn't having it.

Adam hadn't been feeling well, so he had to get an endoscopy. All is well (Thank you, God!), but I obvi had to snap a pic. This is the nice one. I also snapped one while he was still under anesthesia. (You're welcome, honey!)

Look at this angel baby!!!

First food! Avocado partayyy! She loved it.

We had our Presidential Primary vote on March 1, but I was out of town for work (sob city). That wasn't going to stop me from voting for my boy Rubio early! (He lost. Trump won. I'm scared.)

While I was gone, Grandma took AG to vote!

Adam and I had a nice little date night at BeetleCat! It was nice to get out, just the two of us. And we didn't even talk about Aiden the whole time! (Also, this picture is hilarious. What is he doing with his fingers?)

The wings at BeetleCat are a MUST. Seriously, one of the top five dishes of my life.


I love this picture. It sums up her life these days. Captivated by everything. It really is magical to watch.

FIRST DAY OF NURSERY!! This was a huge day. But one that Adam was not into me taking pictures for. Hmph. It was the first day we left our girl with strangers! (Ok, not total strangers. Adam knew the husband. But still.)

Alysa's Bridal Shower! May will be here before we know it, and then she'll be a Hughes!

These pictures were taken one year apart, to the day! What an amazing year it's been.

Stretch Armstrong! It's amazing how much this chick can get around without even being able to scoot, yet.

Y'all. This hat. I die.

I had to go to Texas for a few days for work, which meant I had to leave my girl for the first time. I was heartbroken, to say the least - meanwhile, she couldn't care less.

Lactation Station at the Atlanta Airport!

Obviously, I had to test it out. It was a nice little pumping oasis. I did get some weird looks when I walked out of it, though.

FaceTiming with my loves. Look, she missed me so much she wanted to eat me! Adam did an amazing job getting up with her at night while I was gone, but I knew he would. I was shocked that everyone in my meeting asked me who was watching her while I was gone. Like, were the grandparents staying or anything. Is it weird for a dad to be a dad? It really frustrates me when people say "Oh, my husband is babysitting today!" No, he's not. He's being a dad. Whatever, I'll get off my soapbox before I really get fired up about it. Long story longer, of course Adam did amazing with her. I didn't expect anything less and I wasn't worried in the least. (ALSO, not one person asked to see pictures of AG. But I did have to sit next to someone the whole shuttle home from dinner while she scrolled through pictures of her dog sleeping. COOL.)

I pumped while I was gone, and had to check my milk (along with dry ice) at the counter. Shout out to American Airlines for being great about it. Double shout out for it actually arriving in Atlanta. Still frozen!

While I was gone, Aiden decided to be a grown up. How is this possible that my baby is sitting on her own? (Full disclosure: I literally leaned away for one second to snap this and then went right back to her. She's not exactly sitting up on her own, yet.)

Oh, those little fingers. 

Baby meltdown in public. Yay!!

We spent Sunday on the Silver Comet Trail, and someone had a blast! It's hard for her to be in a bad mood when we're outside. Especially now that she sits in her stroller like a big girl!

Bahaha, I caught her mid-sneeze.

Swinging with daddy!

These white jammies just might be the cutest thing in the world. (Look at Ms. Personality!)

That should wrap it up for us… for now. Stay tuned for more pictures of my baby. Probably more pics on the swings. Probably in different outfits. Most likely same baby.

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