Help me. I'm poor.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"Help me. I'm poor." was the quote of this past girls weekend in Charlotte, and by no means was it poor. I am so ridiculously blessed with the people in my life I could never be poor. (That sounded so cliche, but I had to incorporate 'poor' somehow, and that's as witty as I could get.)

We've had this plan tripped for awhile, but since Anna got engaged we planned an engagement brunch for her. And of course we had to watch Bridesmaids - which brings me to the inspiration for this weekend's quote... BEST PART OF THE MOVIE. 

But seriously, one of the best weekends ever. Somehow our group of girls from college never (knock on wood) has drama. We only see each other a couple times a year, so we're just not going to waste our time with that nonsense. The weekend consisted of a lot of laughs, a few deep convos, a lot of drinks and a LOT of calories. My favorite!


Maria, Whittney and I pulled the short straw and had to sleep in the ATTIC on Friday night. No joke. It got so bad that I just grabbed a sleeping bag and slept on the hardwood hallway.

On Saturday we threw Anna an engagement brunch at the cutest place, Pewter Rose.

best of friends


After brunch we were all still exhausted from the night before, so we changed into PJs and spent the rest of the day and the whole night watching football, eating a lot of pizza and wings (Bro Time!), drinking who knows how many bottles of wine, and laughing. Oh yes, lots of laughing. We all voted that Saturday night just hanging out was the best by far. Who needs a bar?

Can't wait for our next reunion in AUSTIN for Anna's bachelorette!

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