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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Y'all. BIG news on the Baker front. We are buying a HOUSE!

When we got married, I started making a must-have/would-be-nice list for our future home. And now that we're currently renting a house, I was able to finalize that list. I highly recommend renting a house before buying one - almost all of my must-haves have come from my experiences here.

Anyway, I was also told that buying a house is different than just about anything else you'll buy (that could quite possibly be the most ambiguous statement I've ever written). I was told to make a list (check!) and when I found a house that met all the criteria... STOP. I've found it. I have to be honest, this wasn't exactly hard for me. Adam and my mom found the house we're currently renting all by themselves. They brought me by once and I kinda shrugged and said "sure!" I am not into this whole hunt. (Another example, I bought the first wedding dress I tried on. I did try on multiple ones after that - so fun! - but I just knew right away and didn't feel the need to waste my time.)

Adam and my mom found this little gem, too. And guess what? It's the first house they took me to look at. Do I sense a pattern here?

I can't wait for Adam to build me a front porch. :)

I love it, I love it, I LOVE IT! It's so adorable and the perfect size for us. I love the kitchen, and the hard woods, and the location, and the back deck, and the back yard, and the master bath, and the laundry room.... you get the idea.

Ok, I'm sure I've already said too much. I don't want to jinx it! It's not ours until the closing date at the end of October (and God knows so much can go wrong between now and then). Pray for a smooth closing process, please! In the meantime, I'm overwhelming myself trying to pick potential paint colors. Any advice?

P.S. Kelly - I was actually sitting here debating whether to tell you pre-post, but thought it would be more fun (for me, probably not you) to find out on HERE! So sucks for you if you don't read this for another month or so.

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