Monday, September 17, 2012

The Bakers have participated in the MS150 at Callaway Gardens since 2004, and Adam and I were finally able to join them this year.

Team Coke up and at 'em on the first morning!

While everyone else rode, Adam, Debbie and I volunteered. On Friday, we volunteered at a Check Point for the kids' ride - and boy were those kids a hoot!

After our volunteering duties were over, we hung out and waited for the group to come in from Day 1's 60 mile ride.

Meagan and Nathan!

Dave and Kels!

On Sunday, we volunteered at the Coke Break Point while the riders finished off the weekend with another 30 miles. (Seriously, this picture looks like a painting, but I swear I took it with my phone.)

Watching all these riders made me jealous, so I had to try it. Maybe Kelsey wasn't the best choice to pull my weight on the tandem - I'm not the best student.

Thanks to the world's best FIL for spotting two adults on a bike!

All in all, a great weekend for an even greater cause!

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