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Friday, February 1, 2013

Week two of weddings this January was for my one and only Anna! Anna and I were close all through college through our sorority, but she has truly become one of my very best friends since we graduated. Although Danny (her husband) stole her and took her to Huntington Beach, California - we stay close thanks to that wonderful thing called social media.

This weekend in Wilmington, NC served as a pretty amazing reunion for all of our Western friends. Natalie, Matelyn and I were bridesmaids and there was a handful of other Catamounts on hand for the celebration, too. After arriving late Thursday night, Adam and I met up with the group for a quick drink before heading to bed to rest up for the wedding festivities starting on Friday. I guess the best way to lay out this text and photo heavy post is through a tacky timeline, so I apologize in advance...

Friday, January 18
First up was the Bridesmaid's Luncheon at Elijah's. Anna had a prettty big bridal party (11 bridesmaids!) so the luncheon was a great chance to officially meet everyone else. (Side note: I'm so glad Matelyn's boyfriend came along! As you can imagine, I didn't see Adam very much so I'm glad he and Tyler were able to buddy around.)

That afternoon was the rehearsal at the gorgeous chapel at Saint Mary's Catholic Church followed by the dinner at BlueWater Grill. Anna has one of the most supportive (and beautiful) families, ever - and they made some incredible speeches that left everyone crying.

Worst idea, ever... one of Danny's friends from college got up to say a few words so Natalie, Matelyn and I felt compelled to do the same. Well, I had held it together for most of the evening and was basically making fun of Matelyn and Natalie for sobbing so I was voted to be the speaker. Then they passed me the mic and I lost it. It was not cute, and we basically stood there sobbing for a solid couple of minutes until Anna's brother-in-law tried to come up and relieve us of our duties. I was able to blubber a few phrases (that I'm still not sure made sense...) and then we went back to our seats in shame. MORTIFYING.

After a few post-dinner drinks back at the hotel, we headed to bed since I was getting my hair done at 8am - yikes!

Wedding Day! January 19
Somehow I got scheduled to get my hair done first, which I was kind of worried about considering my hair does not hold curls well and I thought there was no way it was going to hold all day. (Amazingly, it did. A little too much... I kind of felt like I looked like Shirley Temple, but whatevs.) We all got dolled up in the Hospitality Room and spent the morning drinking mimosas and hanging out. Anna was so calm. I think I was a pretty calm bride, but she seemed like she was almost zen - so content.

Anna got all of the bridesmaids these shirts with our initials on them as our presents! Such a cute idea!

With the wedding at 2, we headed over to the church where Anna got changed into her gown. It was originally her Aunt Peggy's, but she had the sash made from her grandmother's veil and she wore her mother's veil. So vintage and classic - she looked stunning.

Cutest Flower Girls! Virginia, Cecelia, Eva and Sophia

After the service, we all took pictures outside (and FROZE. I think it was like 40 degrees or something ridiculous) and then hung out in an equally cold trolley until Anna and Danny were done with their pictures. It was family and friend fun time back at the Hospitality Room at the Hilton Wilmington Riverside until we were all introduced at the reception at 6.

The band was awesome, the food was awesome, the drinks were awesome, the friends were awesome.... the whole night was seriously awesome.

Anna bought a second outfit for the reception and I just about died. It was so Anna!!!

She looked stunning the entire day and I can't even put into words how honored I am that I got to stand to stand with her and Danny as they officially became the Ackers. It was, by far, the most fun I've ever had at a wedding. The whole weekend was also a great reminder that friends and family are truly all we really have and that I have been beyond blessed with the best there is!

Cheers to the Ackers!!

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