Tuesday, February 12, 2013

As you may or may not have noticed, the last few weeks have been insane. I haven't been home since the weekend of January 7. Not ok. I was so excited to be home and have no plans this weekend - it was glorious!!!!!

Ruthie and I had a big date with the couch on Friday night. We watched a Walk to Remember, but she wasn't very consoling while I was hyperventilating from crying so hard (seriously - talk about a downer movie!!!!).

Baseball season has officially started, so we don't see much of Adam these days. This also means that Ruthie and I just hung out in bed until 10am on Saturday. She likes to get right in my face and stare at me - such a little creep.

I was trying to decide what to do with my day (since we all know I can't really sit still all day long), and then my fabulous friend - Kelly - asked if Ruthie and I wanted to join her and Jason for a day at Piedmont Park. Um, yes! We haven't been back since we moved over a year ago (depressing), so Ruthie and I were super excited. I feel like we raised Ruthie in that park - we walked her there twice a day every day for the first 10 months she was with us. And she loveeed the dog park. I was so excited to take her! I'm sure I'm just imagining it, but I think she remembered! It was 60 degrees and not a cloud in the sky - a perfect park day. Thank you for inviting us, Kelly and Jason!!

We stopped by the baseball field (our second home for the next 3 months) just as they were finishing up the Inning-A-Thon so Ruthie got to run around the field and tire herself out even more. Fine with me!

Ruthie likes to hang out on my shoulder when I'm driving and I finally snapped a picture of her doing it on Saturday. Do we look intimidating or what?

Sunday was also such a good day! We went to church which got our wheels turning about Lent (more on that later...) and then I had a nice Honey Do list for us to accomplish. (Remember, baseball started so I only have him one day a week until June!) I've been dying to get this massive dresser out of our bedroom so we could put our nightstands in and have an actual room. To get this done, we needed to transform our closet into our new "dresser". Luckily, I married the handiest man of handy men. After building shelves in the closet we gently placed threw our clothes into the closet and got that damn dresser outta there! My dreams were crushed, however, when only one of our nightstands fit. So annoyed, but I have a nightstand so that's all that matters.

I don't have a good before picture of our room - or after picture, for that matter - but here's the before and progress of the closet-turned-dresser. We still need to add crown molding to the edges and dividers.

The weekend was exactly what I wanted - so relaxing, but still got a lot accomplished. It was also nice to finally spend a weekend with these two.

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