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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Our trip to Italy landed right in the middle of my event season, so it's a sick joke to say that I was able to ease back into the work flow. I'm currently in Miami prepping for our Taste of the Nation South Florida tomorrow! However, I have been able to catch up with friends and family since our return from Heaven Italy.

My mom and I met up with Dominica and her mom for wine night on Wednesday, followed by dinner at  Shilling's and then some post-dinner drinks at our new stomping ground, the politically incorrect Mulligan's. (I don't know what my mom's deal with talking during pictures is...but it really cramps my style.)

Actually, while we were in Italy my parents were on an Alaskan cruise! This is my favorite picture my mom brought home. She also made a photo book and dedicated a whole page to Carson Kressley getting some sun, but didn't include one picture of my dad's salmon fishing excursion. Typical. 

Mitchell's 20th birthday was the day after we got back from Italy, and my parents didn't even arrive home until late that night. To celebrate, we went to Antico pizza for lunch that next Friday and then to the Braves game!

Lindsay's family was also at the game, so we met up with them to watch Rachel run the bases - too cute!

Yep, that's my family!

On Saturday, Mitchell had a little birthday celebration so Adam and I just had to partake.

The Roushes came over and brought their photo book of Italy - they were just there in May - so we spent a good amount of time crying about how bad we want to go back.

I observed a Cooking Matters class, and was so excited to see these kids enthusiastic about cooking healthy and delicious food. They were so into it!

Wife of the year RIGHT HERE. Adam started a new job (that will get a post of its own!), so I decided to surprise him with a yummy dinner. It wasn't nearly as flavorful as I had hoped, but I'm still proud of myself. I even lit the grill on my own.

Now that Mitchell's birthday is over, time to move on to ME. We kicked off my birthday celebrations with dinner at the Bakers last Friday. The meal was exactly what I wanted and check out THIS bad boy! Debbie made me a chocolate/peanut butter cake and holy cow was it good!

How cute is this wine cork shadowbox that Kelsey made me? I love it! And I also love my new necklace and nail polishes from Meagan and Nathan. I am spoiled!

For my birthday present from Adam, I wanted to get rid of our huge coffee table and get side tables (oh, the joys of maturing). After attempting to go to the new outlets (we accidentally went on opening day - BAD idea), we headed over to Target and found these gems! Now I just need some pillows to tie in all my crazy colors. 

But my favorite part about being home from Italy? This little diva that we missed a whole bunch!

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