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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

We (kind of) said bye to summer last weekend with some cooler weather. We also said goodbye to Adam's ratchet toenail (didn't see that one coming, did ya?). Yeah, the one we went to Urgent Care for back in JANUARY? It came back with a very infectious vengance and we had to go to the podiatrist to get it taken care of. Because I love all sorts of gross, medical stuff - I had to accompany him in case something happened to watch for my own amusement. I went with my little brother to get something similar fixed on his foot years ago and it was the sickest, most awesome thing I've ever witnessed - but Mitchell was also in tons of pain post-treatment and literally sat around and screamed for days. (Drama queen, much?)

Both the nurse and doctor were female and gave Adam lots of hell for waiting until it was that infected to come in and get it taken care of. The treatment was much less bloody and gory than Mitchell's (to my disappointment), but Adam has been in zero pain since it happened. So I guess she did an awesome job! We both loved the doctor and wish she wasn't a foot specialist so we could see her normally. Highly recommend Allied Ankle and Foot Care, specifically Dr. Ross.

Bravest little kid in the office.

This past weekend, Adam's family participated in the MS150 while we hung back and watched the dogs. Last year, Adam and I volunteered at the race, but decided to sit out this year. And what a weekend we chose! It was perfect weather to take advantage of the Baker's amazing screened in porch!

Adam and I kicked the weekend off by having lunch together on Friday. (Look at what adults we are! Having lunch together on a work day.) As if the great lunch wasn't enough, we also grilled out to celebrate Adam being named Top 10 in the region for the month of August! Top 10 out of 146 people is not too shabby, especially since August was his first full month working at Enterprise. I am so proud of him.

College football started (in case anyone missed the 10,000 reminders on Facebook), so we spent Saturday lounging on the porch with the TV.

Aimee and Alysa joined us later in the afternoon and distracted me from actually watching football. Thanks, team.

Today was my mom's long-awaited knee cap replacement surgery! She's been waiting/planning this for a long time and we were all excited she finally went through with it.

Here she is with her new bionic legs! Ok, not really - but I did clearly miss my calling as a PowerPoint photoshopper.

The surgery took about two hours, and then we had to wait an additional two hours for her to "recover". When the doctor came out to tell us everything went great we updated the fam. Here's my favorite reaction...

Dad: "Hey mom, Karen's out of surgery. Doctor said everything went great, but we can't see her for another couple of hours."
Mamabear: "Well, I'm sure the doctor would have told you if she died."
Good point, mabear.

Dad and I left her to sleep about an hour ago. So far no pain, but she's still numb. They already have one of her legs hooked up to a machine that's bending it - and then they'll probably get her up to start walking tonight. Crazy!

And of course, I've kept up my Dine Out-palooza (even my dad participated!).

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