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Monday, September 23, 2013

Has anyone else updated their iPhone to the iOS7 system? (Nerd alert!) It's rare I really even notice when my phone upgrades, but I feel like I just got a new phone - so fancy. Anyway, 99.9% of the pictures I use on this blog are from my iPhone and I just went to my photos for the first time to pick some riveting content for this post and the photos are now categorized in a super cool/confusing way.

Moving right along...

Mom is home from the hospital after her knee replacement surgery and is doing so well. While in the hospital, I happened to be in the room when a nurse came in to change her bandages so I got to see her battle wounds. (WARNING: This photo is pretty gross.)

My dad was such a gem and bought her beautiful flowers... but guess which ones are from him? Hint: not the huge ones. One of his random work customers sent those to my mom - holy gorgeousness.

Anyway, she's now home from Piedmont Hospital (they treated her so well!) and shuffling around the house like a pro with her fancy new walker. Rico even gets to take a spin thanks to her tricked out accessories.

Last week, I saw on Twitter that Der Biergarten was hosting an Oktoberfest kickoff on Saturday (which was still September, but whatever). We rallied the troops and all headed down there on Saturday afternoon to partake in German techno line dancing, cheering while standing on tables, playing Jenga and Apples to Apples, eating yummy food, drinking lots of beer (not so much for me, not a big beer gal) and having an amazing time. We ended up staying for over 4 hours!

On Sunday, I attended my first baby shower for a friend. One of the Dirty Dozen member's wife (say that 10 times fast) is pregnant with their first kid and I went to go help celebrate the impending arrival of their baby boy. It was so weird that I was at a baby shower, but even more weird that it's not that weird. (I have a feeling that only makes sense in my head.) I just feel like we're all still babies and I should be attending a Teen Mom baby shower. Regardless, Alicia looked gorgeous and (obviously) can't wait for little Carter to get here!

Since I don't have any more pictures, I'll end this post with some advice. If anyone is looking for a good baby shower gift (because we all know I'm not a baby pro), I heard a Target gift card is the way to go. They'll get plenty of clothes, and I'm not buying them a stroller - so how about some extra money for a diaper run... or a wine run. Alicia and Robbie agreed!

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