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Friday, October 18, 2013

October has been crazy town. Full of so many weekends I've been not-so-patiently waiting for. I'm stoked I can finallllyyy talk about Brent's surprise visit!

Adam's best man in our wedding, Brent, also happens to be one of my favorite people (I guess we lucked out there). Adam and Brent haven't seen each other since the wedding in January 2011, so Brent and I have been secretly scheming to surprise Adam with his appearance for the Western Carolina/Auburn game this past weekend.

While the actual surprise on Thursday night didn't work out as we planned (We thought Adam was walking Ruthie when we showed up, so we walked into the dark house and Adam was standing in the kitchen. Weird. And creepy.), he was so surprised and the weekend officially began!

We headed out to Taco Mac for dinner and drinks, followed by late night drinks at Mulligan's (of course!). The love birds picked up right where they left off and it felt like we (sorry, they) had never been separated.

On Friday, we ran some errands and waited for Adam to get off work so we could head to Auburn for the big weekend! (Auburn played our alma mater, Western Carolina, in football on Saturday.) Adam was supposed to get off work at 3, but didn't even leave the office until 5:15. Gross. We hit the road as soon as Adam got home and were in Auburn less than two hours later.

I received this bad ass shirt from Kelly for my birthday and have been dying to wear it. A college town seemed like the perfect place! And then we arrived and Mitchell told me the Parents' Weekend Dinner we were going to was "kind of nice". Whoops, don't mind me! 

Look at little Mitchy double-fisting wine and a beer - he's all grown up!

I also brought my Retro Phone, and was surprised it actually made it back home with us. It was a hit.

[Side note: We stayed in brother's fraternity house the whole weekend. As gross as it sounds,  the frat castle really wasn't that bad - they even had a private girls' bathroom. How thoughtful.] Honestly, though. How gross could a place like this be? Yes, this is really Mitchell's frat house.

On Saturday, we were awoken by the Auburn Marching Band practicing at 6am. We thought we could go back to sleep, until the entire frat house thought it was appropriate to start blaring Beastie Boys and screaming "IT'S GAME DAY!!!!!!!!!" at 7am. Not impressed. (Actually, kind of impressed that they can rally back so fast. Ah, to be young again.)

We eventually got it together and started playing corn hole around 9:30am - not bad for old people, huh? Our friends Chad and Dallas (Adam was in their wedding this summer) were also in town for the game and we ended up being together the whole day, it was awesome!

I stole this collage from Dallas - thanks, love!

We also ran into one of our old college friends and fellow Catamount, Michael! He was all decked out in purple, including his purple and gold Bud Light can. Jealous!

After making a brief appearance at the Catamount Club tailgate, we joined Adam at the game. (He wanted to see all of the pre-game festivies, so he skipped the tailgate.)

We underestimated how HOT it was going to be.

We left in the first quarter (don't mind the $119 I spent on tickets, boys), because Adam just had to watch the end of the Georgia game. And we were already losing to Auburn 23-3.

On the way to Moe's (yes, what a wonderful local delicacy), Brent found a praying mantiss and insisted I take a picture. So, here it is.

In return, I made them pose for this picture. Don't mind their awkward poses - I counted to three and they both attacked each other, leaving me with this.

After Moe's we took a taxi back to the house (yep, we took a taxi 1.2 miles back to the house) to continue the party. My sorority, Alpha Xi Delta, is also on Auburn's campus and they had this sign out front of Mitchell's frat house. Woo!

Mitchell joined us back at the house after the 3rd quarter and we spent the rest of the day watching - you guessed it - MORE football and eating a pig (they roasted an ENTIRE pig).

It's not college if you don't p;ay numerous round of beer pong, right? Adam actually made Mitchell this board for his high school graduation.

Love birds.

After Dallas and I decided to perform with the band on stage (vocals and tambourine, don't worry about it), we all headed to Sky Bar to finish the night.

Retro Phone made another appearance.

We made it until 11:30pm and then had to tap out - we had been drinking since 8am! The next morning, Mitchell took us to another gourmet meal, this time at McDonald's, and then it was time to head back. SAD! We spent the rest of Sunday on our back deck soaking up the amazing weather, and some of Brent's dangerous vodka concoction. The fam came over for a nice little cookout and Brent I watched Dumb and Dumber (obviously), then it was bedtime for us old people. I took Brent to the airport on Monday morning and then the weekend of liver damage was officially over. I'm still super sad about it.

Speaking of Dumb and Dumber, my mood was brightened a little by the fact that Dumber and Dumber To was filming in the Marietta Square (read: 1 mile from our house) on Monday! Ruthie and I did a little bit of stalking and got to see Jim Carrey film a scene. So fun!

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