The Great Bull Run

Thursday, October 24, 2013

How is October not over, yet? I feel like it's been the most eventful month of the year, for sure.

Last Saturday, my fellow adventurer friend, Madi, and I headed out to Conyers for the inaugural Great Bull Run - Atlanta. A couple twenty-something guys decided it would be a genius idea to bring the annual bull run in Pamplona Spain to the US. I agree, genius idea! However, I figured the Great Bull Run ATLANTA would be a little closer to Atlanta than Conyers, but whatever.

When we arrived, we were given an insane amount of wristbands. I mean, seriously? There had to be a more efficient way to do this! This is what they looked like after our Free Beer wristband had already been cut off. Absurd.

After doing some serious people watching (definitely an eclectic group of people, to put it nicely), it was time for us to make our way down to the track.

Look at the fun bandannas you get when you get into the track! 

After an awkward announcement of rules ("if you fall, cover your neck and the bulls should jump over you") by a weird emcee with terrible audio equipment, the countdown began! Everyone was yelling especially loud (must have been all the nervous energy), and when we all finally got to ONE(!) we expected to be mauled by bulls. Correction: When you get to one, the cowboys start trying to kick the bulls out of their cage, kind of anticlimactic and funny at the same time. Once the bulls got going however, it's ON. Every man for himself has never rung more true. I'm shocked no one died, seriously. So much pushing and shoving! Madi took a video of our first run and it looks like the zombie apocalypse (also, she fell, but not in the bulls' path). It was so much fun for adrenaline junkies like Madi and I!

We survived! And quickly redeemed our free beer.

We quickly decided that now that we knew how to properly run with the bulls, we wanted to be closer to the action - so we pulled a YOLO and did it again, this time starting much closer to the bulls.

We were pros (and cold) by round two!

This time, I figured I was way experienced and decided to take a couple videos. Don't mind my sing-songy, nervous yell. 

After round two, it was time to gear up for the Tomato Royale. Now, this part I wasn't too stoked about. While salsa is my favorite food, I do not like tomatoes, and the Tomato Royale is a big food fight with just tomatoes. As we walked in, ready for battle with our swim goggles (rookie mistake) we were told "there are no rules". AWESOME.

Needless to say, we both got brutally attacked by lots of rock hard tomatoes (I guess no one else read the packet, you're supposed to smash then throw!). 

You can't really tell, but those billions of things flying in the air behind us are the tomatoes we walked through. Ay yi yi. GROSS.

Madi was a genius and brought both of us shower caps to wear... crucial! We were gross enough when we got back to the car, but we saw some girls literally wringing out their hair. No, thank you! The day ended up being so fun, and there's no one I would rather have done it with than my fellow adventure heart!

After getting home and scrubbing tomato remnants off of myself (yes, that was as gross as it sounds), Adam and I had planned a date night! 

We headed down to the Phipps Plaza movie theatre (the seats recline completely flat - holla!) to see Gravity. Good thing the movie was so intense, because I was certain I would fall asleep in the comfy chairs if it wasn't. After the movie, we redeemed one of our many gift cards and had a yummy meal at Cook Hall. And then it was finally off to bed. What an exhausting (but very fun!) day! Needless to say, Sunday was full of a whole lotta nothing, and it was awesome.

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