Anniversary Surprises

Monday, January 13, 2014

Adam has told me multiple times his favorite thing in the world is surprising me. Good news, I love surprises - so this works out. He's pulled off some pretty awesome ones in his day: our engagement, my birthday party, bringing home my favorite bottle of wine/flowers for no reason...he's kind of the best.

We planned to celebrate our anniversary this past weekend, because I'll be in California next weekend and the actual date lands on a boring Wednesday (so we'll just cook a yummy meal at home). Adam said he wanted to handle the evening, which I happily let him do.

Saturday night was the big date night so I got all glammed up (which really means I spent more than 45 seconds on my hair and makeup) and we headed out for drinks at Empire State South before dinner. (Ok, I wasn't going to tell this part of the story that makes me sound like a total bitch, but I am. On Friday night, Adam finally told me where were going - but it wasn't a restaurant that supports Taste of the Nation - the event I work on every year. I work with 50+ of the top restaurants in Atlanta, but this particular one had never signed on/supported us. I told Adam it was totally fine if we went this year, but for future reference I sent him a list of the restaurants that do support us. Moving on...). He felt bad about the aforementioned situation, so decided we should head to Empire State South for drinks before dinner, since they are a supporter of ours. I, being a total idiot, decided to take my nightly dose of Tamiflu (oh yeah, Adam had the flu last week) before we left for dinner, even though it says to take with food. I didn't take it seriously and figured I'd be fine since we would be eating in a couple hours. Y'ALL... FOLLOW THE LABEL RULES. I felt so sick I didn't know if I was going to pass out or throw up while we were getting drinks. I tried to power through it, but I was thisclose to telling Adam we were going to have to take a rain check on dinner. Luckily, we ordered some cheese and I slowly started feeling better. (Seriously, I'm an idiot.)

Adam was taking his sweet time sipping on the whiskey he ordered, and then the hostess came over and told us our table was almost ready. Obviously, I was really confused - we were just here for drinks? I turned around and Adam said "surprise!" (Seriously, isn't he the cutest?)

I have to admit, the service was pretty terrible - but the company, the food and the drinks were perfect!

After dinner, Adam suggested we go get a drink at our "hub hotel" from the wedding, which was just a couple blocks away. Once we arrived at the Renaissance, we grabbed a drink at the bar and were ready to leave when Adam surprised me (once again!) and said we'd be staying at the hotel that night. Yay! He was so cute (are you catching onto the theme?) and even packed things for me and had dropped them off earlier in the day. Including (ladies, you know how crucial this is)... FACE WASH!

The next day we got up and walked around Piedmont Park for a while before heading to our old go-to, The Nook, for totchos and drinks.We had initially planned to get a fishbowl (a huge drink made in a legit fishbowl), but when we realized we couldn't order booze until 12:30 (thanks a lot, Georgia laws), we decided to be a little less extravagant. I settled for a couple mimosas and Adam got The Drunken Donut.

He didn't want me to take this picture because the drink looked "girly", but I was sick of not having any pictures of our fun day (with perfect weather).

And THAT was our anniversary weekend, made so special by Adam! We headed back to see our Ruthie Roo (thanks to Madi for taking care of her while we were gone!), and then made the trek to my parents' house so Adam and my dad could have their first tennis practice. Yep, Adam and my dad are playing doubles for the first time.

We ended the night with some sad-the-weekend-is-over drinks and watched the Golden Globes, which we actually figured out was the first awards show we've ever watched. Tina and Amy are too amazing not to watch.

Now we're looking forward a low key anniversary on Wednesday before I head off to LA on Thursday night. Cheers to Adam for being the best, ever.


  1. aw, Adam is so sweet!! What was the originally-rejected restaurant? Inquiring minds want to boycott as well...


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