Friday, January 31, 2014

Three days ago Atlanta was brought to its knees by a mere 2 inches of snow. (Hold the jokes, Northerners.) What's usually a 25 minute commute took me 5 hours. Adam finally gave up after only making it 12 miles in 8 hours, and walked the final 3 miles home. And we were lucky. It took our brother-in-law, Nathan, 16 hours to get home... finally pulling into his driveway around 5:30am. Thousands of others had to spend the night in the car, find refuge with a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-doctor-of-a-brother-of-a-friend's house and hundreds of kids were stranded at school overnight. I'm not even going to get into the political debate of why every person in Atlanta got on the roads at the same time and why school systems didn't think ahead on this one - I'm just happy that the community rallied together. In all honesty, as I was pounding on my steering wheel trying to make it home, I wanted to kill everyone around me. People were driving down emergency lanes, cutting people off, not obeying simple traffic laws - basically trying any way they could to get ahead. Yo, we're all trying to get home! But once I was home and warm, I heard many stories of the good Samaritans on the road (clearly not on Cobb Pkwy).

This is South Marietta Pkwy and Cobb Pkwy. The joy here was that no one on Cobb Pkwy thought that stop lights were relevant in inclement weather. They blocked the entire intersection so none of us could get through. I sat here for over an hour without moving.

HOME! Finally!

Isn't Ruthie the cutest? Here's a video of her first experience with snow. I don't think she was very impressed.

This was my favorite. Everyone was (obviously) very serious on all the newscasts, and this scrolled on the bottom.

Ruthie and I decided to venture out into the tundra to meet Adam while he was hiking the final 3 miles home. He was in his work clothes, so I packed a backpack with his cowboy boots (great idea, no traction), a scarf, hoodie and warm socks. (He could have killed me when he saw Ruthie in this sweater.)

It was a ghost town by that point... about 11:30pm.

Safe, drivable roads - for sure.

We found him! Check out that brown bag... I think he deserved that drink after his day.

The next morning, Adam bundled up and headed to Wal Mart for lots of junk food... and toilet paper.

After a very long day, we were so blessed and lucky to be home - safe and warm - together. Cheers to Atlanta for coming together during such a mess! Happy that all of my friends and family are home.

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