A Charlotte New Year

Thursday, January 2, 2014

We waited until just about the last minute to figure out our New Year's Eve plans, and decided to head up to Charlotte and celebrate with friends up there. This was actually Adam's first time in Charlotte and I was so excited for our little road trip.

We headed up on Monday night and got to Natalie's around 10pm. Perfect timing to have a night cap and watch some TV before heading to bed.

On New Year's Eve, Natalie and I got our nails done (Barbie pink, please) before heading to lunch at Nan and Byron's - cutest place, ever. Adam was already bored with us, so he left after lunch with some of our college buddies to play video games (or something exciting like that). Natalie and I took the opportunity to watch Katy Perry (obviously) and take a nap. We have literally seen the movie so many times we can quote it. Yes, we quote a documentary.

After getting our act together, it was time for the celebrations to begin!

Our NYE tickets didn't allow us to get into the bar until 9pm, so we went ahead and got the party started at the Ranch (aka Natalie's adorable house).

We finally headed to All American Pub, where we met up with more friends and eventually rang in 2014!

We left the bar shortly after the ball drop (as in, we were in a cab at 12:05am) and headed back to the Ranch for pizza. Of course, we watched Katy Perry (AGAIN) and Natalie was inspired to try and execute the splits. Perfect.

Remember how I said we were so impulsive? Well, I actually mean Adam is so impulsive. Remember that time he just bought a car out of the blue? Or when he decided we needed a Mac Book Air right that moment? Well, he also decided we needed to take home Natalie's roommate's foster dog - a pit bull named Chip. After spending the majority of the trip trying to talk me into it, I finally put my foot down and said NO. I'm all for (eventually) getting Ruthie a playmate, but it's not fair to just bring home a dog without her meeting it first. You're welcome, Ruthie.

That was the first and last time I'm allowing Adam to come to Charlotte with me. Who knows what he'll try to talk me into next time!?

Minus the dog incident, we had a great time ringing in 2014 with some old friends! Here's to another amazing year! (New Year's resolutions coming soon... or never.)

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