Meet Hank!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Well, so much for holding off on another puppy. (Hey, at least I made it through 2013!) After numerous conversations, and lots of pros and cons lists... I finally caved. It's kind of funny, on Friday night Adam and I went to this really hip, cool restaurant called Chili's where I told him I was finally caving in, and he told me he was finally giving up. (Because why should we ever be on the same page?)

After working from home over the past month, I look at Ruthie and she really is so bored all the time. Between her staring out the window for a solid 8 hours and Adam begging for another dog, I gave in. We headed to the Atlanta Humane Society on Saturday morning to see if a dog or pup caught our eye (what a joke, of COURSE one did). We absolutely loved our experience with the Atlanta Humane Society when we got Ruthie in February 2011 and promised ourselves to get any future pets from there (as long as we live here).

AHS opens at 11am on the weekends, and I figured we might as well get our day started and head over there around that time. Word to the wise... get there early! We arrived around 11:15am and the place was swarming. Ruthie tagged along so she could give the final approval on the newest family member. I'm all for adopting an older dog, but (in my opinion) you never know what their past was and when they may just snap. Nothing against them and more power to those who do it, but I just don't have the time/patience to commit to an older dog with serious issues. So, we headed into the Puppy Room. After looking over a couple puppies, I came upon this little fatty passed out on his back. The volunteer (God sends) woke him up and handed me Mr. Moo. Oh my goodness, love at first sight. Adam walked over and said something along the lines of "well, that didn't take long", and the rest is history. We introduced him to Ruthie, who was super excited to meet him (hello, it's another dog - her favorite thing, ever), but she was a little confused why he left with us.

Without further ado.... MEET HANK!

Ruthie is named after Babe Ruth, and it was only natural that this little guy would also get a baseball-inspired name. Who better than Hank Aaron - the one who beat Babe Ruth's homerun record?

Hank was instantly in love with Ruthie, but she didn't feel the same way for the first day or so. I'm pretty sure she didn't understand why he was so little, sleepy and couldn't go up and down the stairs. Now that he's more comfortable, he's got a little more fight in him and they spend all day wrestling with each other. Best friends!

Ruthie's such a good sport.

And here are some pictures of the last few days. I love the squishy, sleepy phase of puppies and don't want him to grow up! (I would, however, like him to stop chewing everything.)

One day we'll laugh when we see that Hank was once Rico's size.

His hiding place... for now.

He may look adorable (which he is), but he's actually chewing underneath the bed in this picture. 

Taking his first trip to Mulligan's with Auntie Dominica.

I have also taken some videos so I can remember how bouncy and cute he is right now! Check them out here, here and here.

This is the picture we're going to take every week to see how fast and big he grows.

Just so I can remember in the future, he's doing really well with housebreaking. Well, I'm doing really well with housebreaking. I make sure I have my eye on him at all times and take him out every 20-30 minutes while I'm home... he has no chance! He also does really well in his crate at night. He whines for 5 or 10 minutes, but then he's passed out until we get him up in the morning. This is a nice relief from Ruthie... she was a TERROR. Literally screamed (yes, screamed - not whined or cried) in her crate all night for a solid month. I don't remember her being such a chewer though. Regardless, we love them both!

Welcome to the family, Hank!

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