valentine's weekend in nashville

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Expecting a cute, romantic story about a getaway to Nashville? Too bad! I ditched the hubs on Valentine's Day to head to Nashville with the girls of his family (so it's kind of like we spent it together?).

Debbie, Kelsey, Meagan and I headed up to Nashville on Friday afternoon, and after a very local dining experience at Backyard Burger we checked into our hotel and waited for Adam's grandma and cousin Amy to arrive from St. Louis. Friday night was pretty uneventful because we had to wake up at 5:30am on Saturday for the Hot Chocolate 5K. (Oh, yeah. I forgot to register myself so that was fun to deal with on Friday!)

We woke up Saturday morning to a balmy 10 degrees (with the wind chill) and headed outdoors. Are we nuts? I have been cold before, but I can honestly say I've never been that cold for such an extended period of time. Painful!

Amy and I ran the 5K (I mean, 15K) while Debbie, Meagan and Kelsey walked. Grandma was the smartest one - she stayed back at the hotel! You can't tell in this picture, but Amy's ankles were purple by the time we got to the start line.

After the race, my hands were so numb I had no choice but to shove them in my pockets on the walk back to the car. Amy, being the good Samaritan that she is, offered to hold my souvenir goodies for me. When I tried to take it back (with my hands still in my pockets - don't ask), it spilled everywhere and I'm pretty sure we both peed ourselves from laughing so hard. I guess you had to be there...


After sprucing ourselves up at the hotel, we all headed out to see Opryland and the Grand Ole Opry. Turns out there was some sort of Wild Turkey Convention happening, so the place was packed with Duck Dynasty wannabes. At this point, we were all about to snap due to the lack of food (or was that just me?) so we parked at the outlet mall - which happens to share a parking lot with the Grand Ole Opry, kind of weird - and headed to the first restaurant we could find. Chuy's it was.

We all ate way too much food because we were starving and it was mexican food (bad combo), but pulled it together to do some sight-seeing.

Fun guitars outside the Grand Ole Opry. They charge you $20 to tour the place, so we settled on the gift shop instead.

Opryland was crazy! You could definitely stay there and never leave, very similar to a cruise ship.

Even though we hadn't planned on it, a nap back at the hotel was in order. After a quick nap, we headed back out - this time to the famous Broadway and 2nd area of Nashville. It was Valentine's weekend so there weren't reservations available anywhere. We tried calling Rock Bottom Brewery, but were told they were full and would squeeze in walk-ins if anything was available. It happened to be the first place we found once we got down there, so we decided we'd suck it up - the wait for 6 people anywhere was going to be long. Well, what are the odds. There wasn't a wait for 6 people. The food was so yummy - I recommend it.

After dinner, we walked through the streets for a little bit before settling in at a bar with live music for a quick drink. All of the bars we passed looked like so much fun - live music everywhere! I told Adam we have to go back and really check it out.

Sunday morning before heading home, we went to The Pfunky Griddle. One of Kelsey's friends frequents the place and it looked like a lot of fun. It was! You make your own pancakes! Definitely a fun, touristy thing to do, but I typically like to go out to eat so I don't have to cook.

We made it back home Sunday afternoon, and Adam and I headed out to celebrate Valentine's by seeing Lone Survivor at Studio Movie Grill (what a romantic movie!). But seriously, such an amazing yet heart-wrenching movie. Every American should see it.

I also came home to this gem from Lindsay! She works for US Figure Skating and knows how much I love the Olympics. Best surprise, ever!

I had Monday off for Presidents' Day, so I spent the morning with these two weirdos before meeting up with my mom. I mean, could Hank look any cuter?

On Monday night, I caught up with some work friends at Tin Lizzy's, and then Allison and I hit up the new Sprinkles Cupcakes ATM. Coolest thing, ever! I got a Raspberry Chocolate Chip cupcake, and it was delish.

And in typical Baker fashion, we missed Hank's third weekly picture on Saturday. Whoops! We'll try to take it tonight. Quick update on him... He's getting cuter and cuter everyday, and he and Ruthie are best friends. He hasn't had an accident in the house for almost a week (yay!) and seems to have cut down his chewing a little bit. He loves his crate (because he gets a treat when he goes in) and has mastered 'Sit'. Unlike Ruthie, he is the best snuggler! She has always had her own agenda - such an independent pup. We love him a lot, and I'm so glad I finally broke down about getting another dog.

Update! Here are his three week pictures.

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