Suck It, Sochi: Winter Olympics Party

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Adam and I love the Olympics. LOVE the Olympics. This year we decided to throw a Winter Olympics party, and it did not disappoint. Our theme was 'Suck It, Sochi' for a couple reasons, but mainly because the Olympics are in Sochi and I like alliteration. 

I decided to try to be Pinterest-y for some reason, even though I fail at 99% of projects I try from that site of false expectations. Regardless, I headed off to the Dollar Tree with some screenshots of cute, look-to-be-foolproof craft ideas and wasted a good bit of money.

Case in point. Can you guess which one is my attempt?

Adam loves the movie Cool Runnings and quotes it at every opportunity, so he decided our costume (oh, yeah - costumes mandatory for this party!) was going to be the Jamaican Bobsled Team. I put a lot of dedication into making sure our shirts looked (kind of) legit, and of course didn't get one picture of us in them on Saturday.

Here's the whole set - our shirts and the dogs' collars. The back of our shirts said 'Feel the Rhythm'. I was pretty proud of them! 

Lucky for us, we just bought some furniture at Ikea, so Adam actually "built" us a bobsled. It turned out AMAZING, as his projects always do. (Damn him.)

Is Ruthie not the cutest test driver?

Here's a set up of the only portion of our house with any Olympic decor. (Disclaimer: Adam noticed the green and red balloons needed to be switched to coincide with the Olympic Rings before anyone arrived. Nice save, honey!) I called this area my 'Kindergarten Project' - how pitiful is that sign? I love it!

One Pinterest idea that did work out... The popcorn torches seen below. I literally just put popcorn in ice cream cones. Word to the wise, those cones only hold approximately 6-8 popcorn kernels. (Oh, and Adam thought I was crazy for thinking they actually looked like torches.) The other part of this picture didn't come from Pinterest (gasp!), I thought of it all on my own! Staying in theme with the Olympics being in Russia, we had a vodka bar! (This wasn't really thinking outside the box - vodka is my favorite beverage.)

In addition to the vodka, our mixers included - limes, ginger beer (Moscow Mules! I'm so into this theme, y'all), tonic water, club soda, and cranberry juice. And let's not forget the "lemonade" - Allison created this sign to go with it. If you've been keeping up with the news, a lot of the accommodations in Sochi aren't exactly ready.

Anyway, the party was great and we were so excited to see so many people show up in costumes!

Ok, we get it. We need more seating options. (Also, love Dominica's side eye in this picture.)

Jamaican Bobsled Team! Obviously, we won the gold.

We ended the night at Mulligan's (I mean, obviously), and then finally tapped out around 2am. How we all made it that long is beyond me! Thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated the Winter Olympics with us!

Quick Update on Hank!

Hank and Ruthie are officially BFFs. They love each other and play all day long (which is great, because they're exhausted at night!) He's definitely not as smart as Ruthie, but he'll learn the ways of the house eventually. Oh, and he's still so cute flipping upside down under furniture.

And here he is at the two week mark (not much different in size, yet).

Week 1 vs. Week 2 at home

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