Alaska 2014 - Part III

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Wrapping this up almost a month after our trip now....

We finally recovered from our endless hike by Friday and decided to go explore a glacier near their house.

Michael brought his 'nocs everywhere! Always on the lookout for something to hunt - bears, goats, etc.

 Katie and I led the crew because we're just so adventurous.

The boys were whimps and stayed up top. (Not really, but it started that way.)

 Katie and Adam both fell in the exact same spot - one on the way out and one on the way in.

 It was stunning!

After the glacier, we all relaxed and then headed out to see Michael's boat - the USS Sycamore.

After the hike, we headed up to Ski Hill for the annual Salmon Jam!

 The Salmon Jam is Cordova's annual festival - a full three tents worth! But it really was fun. They had awesome jam music.

 This picture was at 10:30pm... don't mind the sun.

After the festival, Katie, Adam and I all went out to the few bars. Jeff and Maggie were running the next morning so couldn't partake in the festivities. 

Katie and I took this picture at the Reluctant Fisherman Inn around 12:30/1:00am. Gorgeous!

The next morning, Jeff and Katie ran the Salmon Jam half marathon! I forgot my fancy camera, so ran back to the house to grab it. OF COURSE I made it back right after they crossed the finish line. Who knew they would both be so fast! 13.1 miles in 2:07.

After the run, Maggie had to work the Fish Print station at the Salmon Jam, so we all went out to support her. (Yes, that's a real SALMON that we covered in paint and printed.) Michael was definitely the most creative!

Our last night in Cordova and second night of Salmon Jam! We really lucked out, it didn't rain our entire visit until the last day.

The boys helped Michael load up his four-wheeler before we headed out to the airport the next day. So sad!

Adios, Cordova! We miss you already!

We all had pretty long layovers (Adam and I win - 12 hours), so we headed into Anchorage to the much-talked about Moose's Tooth Pub. It was fine... nothing to write home about. Then again, Anchorage itself isn't much to write home about.

And just like that, our trip was over! Thank you, Maggie and Michael, for being such amazing hosts! We wish we could come back every summer, but look forward to y'all being back in the Continental US in the next couple years.

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