Monday, August 18, 2014

Moving right along to our next big adventure of the summer - the week after we returned from Alaska it was off to Vegas to celebrate Mitchell's 21st birthday! It's a tradition my parents started with Jeff (thanks for that!), so all of us Reaves kids have taken a trip to Vegas for our 21st.

Little blast from the past - here's a picture from my trip 5(!) years ago.

Night one! Adam couldn't make it until Friday night, but we made sure to get the party started for him anyway.

Who knew it was illegal to take pics while gambling in Vegas? Not me! Anyway, here's Mitchell coming in hot at the Roulette table. He brought two of his friends from school, who were a good time!

Can't believe the baby is 21!

Jeff had to work during the trip, but that didn't stop Katie from joining us! Lindsay also happened to be in town for a birthday party, so the weekend really worked out in my favor.

Did the real Caesar live here?

So glad I got to spend time with my bestie!

Katie has quickly become one of my favorite people. Jeff better not screw this up!

Day 2: My parents rented a cabana at the Flamingo. Definitely the way to enjoy a Vegas pool!

Mom really got the party started!

As I mentioned previously, Jeff couldn't make it for the weekend extravaganza (sad face!), but surprised all of us with our own "survival kit". He made one for each room - this was for me, Katie and Adam. Could he be any more thoughtful?! Love that guy!

Friday night Adam finally made it and headed straight for the craps table. One of my BFFs Kalyn and her BF, Corey, came over from LA to spend the weekend with us. When we found each other at O'Sheas (best casino/bar in Vegas - so cheap!) we screamed and jumped and I'm pretty sure everyone thought we had just gotten engaged. LOVE HER! And Adam and Corey became best friends, so our plan is working perfectly!!

Big winner! Mitchell came home with an additional $300 - lucky duck.

On Saturday, we headed back to the Flamingo pool, sans cabana.

Best day, ever! I love poor Vegas.

On our final night, we all rallied and headed out to Casa Di Amore for dinner. I totally recommend this place! It's off the strip and looks like this little hole in the wall, but the food and wine were great - and they had a band!

After dinner, Kalyn and Corey headed back to the hotel (couldn't rally after our fun in the sun!) and Lindsay headed out to join the birthday festivities she was in town for. So Katie and I joined the guys and went out gambling until the weeee hours of the morning (seriously... we were out until 6am).

Katie and I met a new friend named Joshua at Caesar's Palace - he was our Blackjack dealer and thought we were hilarious, so obviously we loved him. I was on fire and won a ton of money at craps (hundreds, people), but Adam lost a ton of money at craps (boo). The good news is we ended the weekend only $20 down from how we started! Basically free entertainment and drinks - we'll take it!

Being out until 6am, the flight home was not enjoyable. We were so happy when we finally made it to bed! The pups also had a big weekend and were ready to snuggle up, too (phew!). We found a new dog sitter who watched them at her house and they were worn out! So glad we finally found a great alternative.

How cute is wittle baby Hank all cuddled up under the covers? He is just the cutest sometimes.

Julie (our new dog sitter) sent us pictures of the pooches all weekend, which I loved! Look how happy Ruthie is!

Needless to say, the weekend was a blast! Happy birthday, Mitchy!

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