Monday, August 18, 2014

Back when I first started my new job, I was told we would have our Annual Roadshow Conference in Dallas in mid-August. Of course, I booked my ticket to arrive the weekend before to stay with Jeff and Katie. This was before I realized how exhausted I would be from my back-to-back-to-back trips. Regardless, I'm so glad I did! 

I kick-started my trip with an 8 hour delay. I heard the tornado sirens going off on my drive to the airport, so I had a feeling the night would be interesting. After two cancelled flights, one loooong delay and a missing flight crew - we finally took off at 1:00am. I killed time by exploring the airport (F/International terminal is the best, of course) and my dad treated me to a little visit to the Delta Sky Club (cheers, dad!). Adam even dropped by for about an hour after work and we grabbed dinner at the Airport Marriott. 

After the shuttle bus trip from hell (at least he was fast!), I arrived at Jeff and Katie's at 2:30am - can you believe they didn't wait up for me? I'm so glad I didn't bail and decide to just fly out on Sunday night, because I would have missed all of the fun!

We spent Saturday on their friends boat in perfect boat weather - 100 scorching degrees! Had to stock up on booze first, of course.

Absinthe anyone? (Just kidding.)

Such an awesome day!

I wakeboarded for the first time - so fun!

After recuperating from our day at the lake, we headed out for some authentic mexican food! I can't remember the name of the place in the Stockyards, but it was awesome. After a quick stop at their dive bar, Showdown, for a couple terrible games of darts it was time for bed! We spent Sunday lounging around and then headed to another friend's house for dinner and drinks. All in all, an awesome weekend with two of my favorite people!

Monday morning it was off to the Hilton DFW Lakes for a week of conferences! It was my first time meeting the whole team, and they were awesome! In addition to some really long sales meetings, we also had a line dancing night, self defense class and the International Team (me!) was treated to an incredible meal by Chef Matt McCallister at FT33.

The self defense class really was awesome! I learned a lot.

Our yummy dinner at FT33...

...check out that menu! Everything was delish.

 Matt McCallister - he was recently named one of Food & Wine's Best New Chefs. Decent.

I finally made it back home on Friday and spent the majority of the weekend getting some stuff around the house and trying to relax. Sunday was the 8th Annual Give Me Five at Cherokee Town and Country Club. Aka my first Share Our Strength event on the "other side"! To say I was excited to actually enjoy the event is an understatement!

My colleague, Ashley, had to bow out at the last minute so my mom and dad were able to join us (and buy a live auction item!).

Kelly and Jason were the best dates! We always have so much fun with them!

Post-event pic! (The flash was something serious.)

It was a jam-packed week, but I do feel really lucky to have the opportunity to stay so busy doing all of these fun things! I'm excited to be HOME for awhile - and not-so-patiently wait on that little nephew of mine to make his arrival!

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