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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I arrived home from Nashville on Thursday night, just in time for a fun-filled weekend with family and friends! (Do we ever stop? No.)

Cousin Amy, Cousin Courtney and Granda Blumenkamp were all in town - which obviously means a shopping trip is in order. Amy is pregnant (and her and Meagan are BBFs, so it's extra adorable!), so we spent a good bit of time in Motherhood Maternity. In the dressing room, they have a fake tummy for you to try on under your clothes (genius and weird). Meet Kelsey's lumpy baby...

The weather was gorgeous all weekend! At one point, I couldn't find the dogs and they weren't responding when I yelled for them outside (which never happens). I found them like this. Totally in the zone enjoying the perfect weather.

Saturday night, Adam and I headed over to Madi's for her Inaugural Pumpkin Party. She made lots of fun food and some spooky punch (trying to be themed here, people). 

Ta da!

Look at us being cute and candid! Just kidding, we all posed for this "candid" one.

After the pumpkins were carved, we headed to Atkins Park for some more fun. My childhood lifeguard was our bartender, which was so strange. I probably told everyone I saw for the next 48 hours - meaning Adam got to hear me retell it 2934879348 times. Lucky guy!

Sunday was another family day. We started it off by spending some time with my dad and Papabear. Couldn't help but take advantage of their back deck for a photo op (of course).

Then it was back to the Bakers for dinner with the whole fam.  There is a baby under there, by the way.

Little bear! It's so funny, we're all so careful when we hold him so we don't wake him up - yet Adam was waving his arms around and getting all up in his face... and Jude didn't even budge.

My mom, her sisters and a childhood friend all went to Charleston for the weekend, but came home a day early because Aunt Kathy saw a rat on the back porch. (Don't even get me started on their ridiculous stories.) However, this meant I got to see them all on Monday night! Instead of getting a group pic of all us ladies, I took one of Papabear. Same thing, right?

I had the last minute opportunity to attend the Network of Executive Women Summit in Atlanta last week, and it really was amazing. I'm so glad I got to go and be around some very incredible women.

The conference was held at the Hyatt downtown, so I couldn't help but head up to Polaris for a quick drink and glimpse of the view.

The first night they held a meeting for Nestle women who were at the conference. Again, another amazing night with incredible women.

After a long day at the conference on Thursday, I headed home to get ready for the MS Harvest for a Cure dinner with Kelsey! I donated water to the event, so I was able to score a couple tickets. Since Kelsey interned with them this summer, I decided to bring her along. We had so much fun!

Kelsey does not eat seafood, but she tried octopus! So proud!

Weee! Such a great way to end my week! Did I mention we had so much fun?

Again, no recipes. Sorry, folks! It's been crazy.

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