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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Remember how I said October was insane? Do you believe me, yet? Last weekend was the 125th Anniversary of Western Carolina University and a big group of us had all been planning to go up for Homecoming. The drive up is one of my favorite parts, especially during fall. I mean, really? This doesn't even look real!

And if that wasn't good enough, check out the view from our cabin! (Here's the link for more pics/info, if you're interested in renting some time.)

Just relaxing on the couch with this terrible view…

Melvin and I kickstarted the weekend with some mimosas. As he said, "Make the mimost of it." (Side note: Do you see how I'm wearing workout clothes…with tennis shoes? Halfway through my drive I realized I forgot to bring shoes!! I literally only had my tennis shoes on my feet. I had to make a pitstop at the local Shoe Show, but luckily was able to borrow someone else's so I got to take them back. So embarrassing.)

Shots of Fireball to get the weekend started!

Dinner at Speedy's, drinks at O'Malley's and No Name, then finishing off the night in the hot tub at the cabin. Could our first night have been more perfect?

The next morning, we were up early to tailgate for the game (we didn't actually go into the game, duh).

Check out this "Selfie Stick" that Natalie bought. So hilarious… and useful.


Um, please zoom in on this terrifying "Catamount".

After tailgating, we posted up at O'Malley's. We were in the same booth from 2pm - 10pm. Literally an entire work day.

After a late-night stop at Sylva's newest "disco", Tropical - we headed home for more hot tub time machine fun! Check out this amazing pizza sweatshirt that Whittney and I got Natalie for her birthday! Of course I borrowed it for the photo op.

The next morning, we all cleaned up, packed out and hit the road. But not before snapping a few pictures of the absolutely gorgeous morning from our deck. Ah, Cullowhee. I miss you always.

While I was enjoying my weekend with friends in Cullowhee, Adam was having a little homecoming of his own! He headed up to DC to spend the weekend with his BBF/Best Man, Brent. (Thanks to Brent's girlfriend for posting some pics on Facebook!)

Adam actually sent me this pic on his own! It was my one request, and made me very happy.

We boarded the pups at a new place this time, and it's safe to say they also had an amazing weekend! Southern Tails posts daily pics on their Facebook page, and I about died when I saw this one of little Hankie Doodle! Eeeeek, he's so cute!

This was them about 2 minutes after I picked them up. This has never happened. They'll definitely be going back!

Also, kudos to me for getting all these posts in before November! Minus the whole "I haven't been cooking" thing.

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