Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Well, this has been quite the hiatus! In my defense, October has been crazy town. Stay tuned and you'll see…

Let's start with Natalie's birthday (aka Naturday) in Charlotte the weekend of October 3.

ACTUALLY, we need to rewind to the night of October 2… Kelly, Vann and I went to see the first showing of GONE GIRL!! We all read the book, so we were super excited to be among the first to see it.

Ok, back to Natalie (as always). It's our tradition to eat pizza, drink wine and watch Katy Perry on Friday nights together (because we're old and can't handle going out two nights in a row). This weekend was no exception. Added bonus - Natalie got us these matching Katy Perry shirts for my birthday.

The plan for Saturday Naturday was to rent a party bus, go to a haunted house and then to a bar. I do not like scary things, so I was really going out on a limb with this whole "haunted house" plan, but I survived.

Taco Cake for Taco Nat

DLT, please.

Natalie's newest roomie and my love, Whittney.

Party bus fun!

The whole night was so fun. I'm so glad we live within driving distance so we get to see each other pretty often. Happy birthday, princess!

After a weekend of fun in Charlotte, I headed home Sunday morning because Adam and I were babysitting JUDE for the first time!

I love the look on Jude's face - ha!

Passed out little munchkin.

Eeeeek! He's the cutest, ever!

After our fun little babysitting sesh, Adam and I headed to Atlanta Eats Live (work perks!). Before finally wrapping up a very busy weekend.

And now, for the recipe of all paleo recipes. I made this Tuesday night and have officially found my new favorite meal! We've made just the Cilantro Lime Cauliflower "Rice" before, but adding in the chicken carnitas made it the perfect mexican fiesta!

Without further ado.... Chicken Carnitas Burrito Bowl. (I left out the black beans and greek yogurt to make it paleo, and it's still my favorite!)

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