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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Like I said, October was/is nuts. I left on Tuesday, October 7 for a whirlwind work trip. First stop, back to Charlotte! Initially my meetings in Charlotte were supposed to be the prior week so I could just stay through Natalie's birthday. Of course, they were postponed, but I still had the work event in Atlanta on Sunday night so I couldn't just stay through until my meetings the next week (are you keeping up?).

Whittney and I went for a walk before dinner while I was in Charlotte - they live so close to the Carolina Panthers stadium!

After a yummy dinner at The Summit Room on my last night, we headed to Angry Ale's for some trivia. And guess who won? THIS GIRL.

After my week in Charlotte, I headed to Charleston on Friday morning to get a little work done there before the weekend started. Adam rented a car and met me there after work - which means he arrived around 1am. To kill time, I hung out with my favorite redhead - Miranda.

We went to a really cool bar called the Gin Joint, then headed over to start our own little dance party at Mad River.

The next day was planned around Georgia Football (of course). I researched the best UGA bars in Charleston, and luckily one was right down the street from where we were staying!

We got to Sullivan's Island in the morning and decided to walk down to the beach before we posted up at the bar. It was WARM - like, 90 degrees WARM.

 Home Team BBQ on Sullivan's Island! Not the worst place to spend your day.

And Georgia won - great day!

After taking a quick snooze, we got ready for our night out in Charleston. After a quick drink at Social, we headed to the Market Pavilion Rooftop Bar. It's our tradition to go every time we're in town.

We finished the night with dinner at Cypress - so yummy!

The next morning, we headed over to The Grocery for a quick mimosa and snack before walking around Charleston. It's our favorite city and we fall in love with it every time we go! (Can we move there, please?)

The whole reason we were in Charleston is because I donated water to the No Kid Hungry Charleston dinner and got two tickets in return. The dress code was Cocktail Casual (what does that even mean?), so we saw all sorts of outfits.

The dinner was in this beautiful tent on the water - great night!

We headed home on Monday - just in time for me to turn around on Tuesday and head to Nashville. I couldn't leave town again without spending some QT with my favorite little man though!

In Nashville, I was working with Distributor Reps - which means they know they're getting a killer lunch out of the suppliers when they volunteer to do it. My guy picked Wild Ginger for some sushi. It was AMAZING! Fried beyond belief, but so freaking good!

I was alone on my trip to Nashville, so I thought it was worth a try to call The Catbird Seat on Wednesday morning to see if they had any openings that night. (Side note: This is one of those places where reservations only open up 30 days out and fill up like THAT.)

Lucky for me - I got a call back and they had an opening for me at 9pm! Someone recommended I grab a drink downstairs at the Patterson House before dinner - so I happily obliged. 

I've never eaten out alone before and was a little wary, but it actually ended up being so much fun!

Here's the entrance to The Catbird Seat… you open a random wooden door and there's this little table with a candle - and an elevator.

And here we are! A couple fun facts about The Catbird Seat.
  • The restaurant only holds 20 people 
  • You sit around this "bar" where all of the chefs are cooking right in front of you. There's literally no kitchen. They do everything right here.
  • The chef, Trevor Moran, is Irish and came from Noma (no big deal, only the best restaurant in the world).
  • There is no menu. You show up and eat whatever they're making that night (add drink pairings, for an additional cost, of course).
  • My meal was 14 courses. 14! By the end, I was only able to eat a bite of everything because I was so full.
  • My meal and drink pairings - for just me - was $220. (Thank you, work!)
  • It was the coolest experience ever - not to mention the food was so delicious! I actually preferred eating there alone, because I spent the whole time talking to the chefs/beverage director/hostess and learning more about everything that goes into it.

Here's Trevor (we're on a first name basis) just topping off my Fernet. I'm so fancy.

At the end of the meal, you receive a handwritten menu! The hostess and I were going out for a drink after dinner (see, I made friends!), so I didn't take mine with me. I was so sad! However, she texted me the next day and mailed two copies to me! Yay!

It was definitely a killer way to end my crazy out of town excursions! For obvious reasons, I have no recipes to include in this post. You can just read that "menu" instead.

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