Easter Joy

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter is always one of my favorite holidays. Other than it obviously being a crucial day for us Christians, the weather always seems to be beautiful and I love any excuse to be surrounded by family. 

We kicked off the week by being 20 weeks pregnant! Full disclosure: I specifically put on this workout outfit because it's my fave and had Adam take a picture of me being "cute and active". Except our dogs are still re-learning how to walk on their leashes and it started raining, so it all ended up just being stressful and weird. But we're halfway there to meeting our babe!!

On Friday night, we headed to the Coopers to finally meet little Minnie! Ignore the terrible quality of the picture, how cute is she in her rain jacket??

Two visits in two weeks?? Weeeee!!

I was extra exhausted on Saturday morning, and Adam surprised me with breakfast in bed! He's the absolute cutest sometimes. 

We celebrated Easter with my family on Saturday, because Mamabear doesn't exactly know the difference anyway. I Adam made a really yummy Cinnamon Baked French Toast! I've been so bad at taking pictures recently, so I have none of our pre-Easter brunch. Whoops.

We successfully made it to 7am church on Easter Sunday! (And someone enjoyed three donuts. I'm not above bribery to get me somewhere early.) We have really come to love our church, and Easter was no exception. Always such a great message!

As soon as church was out, we headed to the Bakers to hang out before brunch. Meagan and Nathan go to the later service, so Jude always goes home with Debbie and Dave when they leave the early service. This means we got our little Jude Dude all to ourselves for a couple hours!

Obviously, that meant it was time to annoy him with tons of photos.

Cutest little bunny I ever did see! Can't wait for the little chicky to be around for next year's celebrations!

Photo Shoot Take 100 by Dave. I love these people!

Monday night was Opening Day and the NCAA Basketball Finals. Adam wanted something "festive" for dinner to celebrate it being Opening Day, so I made these amazing nachos. Chips, cheese, shredded chicken, toppings - throw it in the oven on Broil for 3 minutes and voila! Deliciousness. And the Braves won, so it was a good night!

It also must be noted that Duke won the championship game, which means my bracket beat Adam's bracket! He now has to give the dogs a bath every two weeks for 3 months. (And I'm so glad I don't have to do his ironing for two weeks.)

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