Sober Saturdays

Monday, March 30, 2015

I still don't miss alcohol (at all) since I've been pregnant, but it also means I've become quite boring. Wait, that sounds wrong. I'm not boring because I don't drink, I just am 100% content sitting on the couch most of the time. Well, now I'm getting kind of antsy in pantsy - so Adam and I have decided to start doing stuff. Specific, huh?

Anywho, my dearest VANN has been off teaching in Peru so we welcomed her home with a little Hen Party at Sarah's. (It was also her Name Day - which is super fancy in important in her motherland of Albania.) Complete with chips and dip, french bread pizzas and this amazing creation by Kelly. Always fun to see them - even if we always wait too long in between visits!

While I was in Buckhead for work last week, I obviously had to stop into the new Georgetown Cupcake! The store is absolutely adorable, and the cupcakes weren't bad either. (CamiCakes Chocolate Raspberry Almond Cream is still my all time fave, though.)

Speaking of Sober Saturdays… Adam had the adorable idea for us to go to a minor league hockey game on Saturday night! We grabbed a bite at Tin Lizzy's before the game and then settled into our $15 seats for the Gwinnett Gladiators game at 7pm. Talk about a reasonably priced night out! Also, it turns out hockey is a really fun game to watch. (I couldn't stop thinking about this clip from Parks and Recreation, so I kept bursting out into song and laughter the whole time.)

Don't mind Adam's eyes, but do mind the guy with the mohawk behind us.

Lindsay was in town for 24 hours starting Sunday morning, so we all got together for a fun day of wedding planning! After a yummy brunch at Food 101, we began our search for Bridesmaid and Mother of the Bride/Groom dresses. 

I almost passed out at Dillard's and had to sit on the floor, so that was embarrassing. Operation: Snack/Food Plan is officially going to commence (soon…)

The day of wedding fun ended with a beautiful shower for our bride, thrown by the Hales.

The bride and her MOH! So honored to stand by her side, just like she did with me!

The bride and her maids (minus Sara - we missed you!) It's always a fun time when we're able to get together. Move back, Lindsay!!

Unfortunately, I had to miss Jude's dedication while I was at the shower, but I met up at the Bakers for dinner after. Adam was also sweet enough to take a few pictures and videos for me!

I'm pretty sure Sunday was the busiest day I've been able to successfully navigate through since I've been pregnant. Woop, woop! Looking forward to more fun weekends ahead now that the weather is getting nicer.

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