Monday, July 20, 2015

Apparently a "babymoon" is a thing. More so, just a reason to plan a vacation before your first baby arrives. I know people who have gone to Italy, Aruba, etc. - but Adam and I weren't really into that vibe (and we're not bajillionaires). I also didn't know how I would feel this far along in my pregnancy and didn't want to to be somewhere too far away in case something happened. So a few months back we planned to make the 2 hour drive to Lake Hartwell for our last hoorah before baby.

I did some hunting on VRBO and was able to find a cute little house right on the lake - Key West Cottage. It was so perfect! Plenty of space, clean, right on the water, had its own dock, not on a busy part of the lake… just perfect. We spent the whole weekend just lounging on the lake and relaxing. It was so nice. We also realized we're pretty sure it's the first vacation the two of us have ever taken just to take a vacation together. Granted, we've been some awesome places, but there's usually a reason behind those trips (work, wedding, etc.).

I didn't do the greatest job at taking pictures, but here are a few I captured of our weekend.

View from the screened-in porch to the lake on Friday afternoon.

Getting the party started on Friday afternoon! 

We lucked out with perfect weather! It stormed for a little bit on Saturday afternoon, but we were inside taking a nap anyway. We also took the kayaks out on Saturday morning, so we did get a little exercise in (ha!). 

As Adam said all weekend... "Just eatin', relaxin' and havin' a grrrrreat time." (I think it's a Honey Boo Boo quote?) 

We found a friend! This little old dog came up when we were grilling out on Saturday. I was trying to call his owners (we could only get service at the top of the driveway), but then he decided to trot away. He came back as soon as we pulled out the food, though. Must be the little neighborhood pooch.

A little post-dinner fishing. Could he be any cuter?

We decided to head down for one final dip in the lake before we headed home on Sunday. And yes, my 35 week bump was out in full force ALL weekend.

I love you, Adam! And there's no one I'd rather be on this adventure with!

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