Happy Birthday to Me!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Well, we've officially marked off the final National Holiday before baby girl makes her appearance - my birthday!

#BumpDay happened to fall on the week of my birthday, so baby girl and I joined in on raising awareness for maternal and infant health with this little pic.

We celebrated my birthday with the Baker/Causey clan on Friday night, but I failed at taking pictures. (BOO!) Love spending time with that sweet family of ours!

We marked off my final "must do" before baby - Rug Doctoring the carpets! Adam was such a trooper (as always), he moved all of our furniture by himself.

We also painted the changing pad holder (official name, I'm sure) this weekend, which means we have officially FINISHED the nursery! A whole blog post on that will come shortly.

(Here's an awkward, panoramic sneak peek).

On Saturday, we cashed in all of our gift cards and bought the final items we need before the babe. Adam's favorite purchase… the monitor.

Ruthie loves hanging out in baby girl's room, and has recently discovered her stuffed animals. Uh oh.

Now on to the important stuff - my birthday! Adam woke me up on Sunday morning with this delicious breakfast before church. Check out those Leslie Knope waffles! In addition to the robe and PJs I wanted for my birthday, Adam also got me a waffle maker!! I could have cried. It was so thoughtful.

After church, we decided to head up to Avalon just to get out of the house and do something. And look what my odometer surprised me with on the trip up there? 8 is my all time favorite number, and I was so excited that I actually saw this happen!!

After lunch at Antico, we walked around the shops and finished off with some Pinkberry before heading home for a nap.

My perfect birthday ended with a delicious dinner at Saltyard (seriously, SO good) and dessert at Cafe Intermezzo! The best part? I got to spend it with my two favorite people! (One of whom kind of has to come everywhere with me for the next few weeks… or whenever she decides to make her appearance.)

Hooray for 27! I have a feeling it will be the best one, yet!

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