Happy 4th!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Let's see… Have I mentioned that my entire family frolicked through Italy together over the last week or so? If not, probably because I'm a little bitter! Mitchell is over there doing a Study Abroad/Internship thing, so Mom, Dad, Katie and Jeff headed over to visit him/have the time of their lives. Of course, I can't say much. We kind of had our own amazing trip to Italy two (two?!) years ago!

Anywho, while they were gone my aunts came in town to hang out with Papabear. We had the chance to hang out with them one night once we got back from St. Louis… and I was finally able to give Papabear his Father's Day present! Still can't believe I found this adorable little set. He LOVES it, and has brought it up every time I've seen him since. He even called me later that night to let me know the shirt fit. :)

Compared to last year, our Fourth of July was pretty low key. Of course, I was also 33 weeks pregnant this year, so any type of big party didn't exactly sound appealing anyway. I started the day with my typical breakfast of greek yogurt, berries and granola (borrrrring), and then got a picture from Debbie of some delicious cinnamon rolls she had made. Of course, Adam and I immediately headed for the closest donut shop.

We decided to try a new place up the street - Tip Top Donuts. Adam wasn't too impressed, but I was!

Red, White and Blue… of course.

Since we were out and about, we decided to stop into an Antique Mall by our house to see if we could find a mirror for baby girl's room. Check out this relaxing piece of art! Can you imagine bebe's nightmares if this was in her room?? (We actually did find a mirror - yay! - but I'll hold off on adding a picture until it's up on the wall.)

Speaking of the baby (because when are we not?), Adam finished her adorable headband holder! I love how it turned out.

And we did celebrate America on the Fourth! The Causeys invited us over for a delicious dinner and we got to see some fireworks! Of course, the only picture of us being remotely festive is this one my mom took of us holding the baby's crib bumper she got us. Ha!

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