Aiden: One Month!

Monday, September 28, 2015

I can't believe Aiden is one month old! On one hand, it feels like she just got here yesterday. On the other hand, it feels like she's been here forever. (This is probably the most cliche statement for all new moms, but I finally understand it.)

I have my moments where I get sad about her growing up. For example... packing away my maternity clothes, packing away her newborn clothes, driving past the hospital where she was born (we were so ready to get out of there, but sometimes I wish we were back and she was still itty bitty!). For the most part, I'm just excited about every day with her!

Some highlights of month one:
  • Well, everything! We went from nothing to a full blown human over night, so it's all new to us.
  • She found my hair and likes to get a good grip on it.
  • She keeps her fists closed most of the time (like most babies her age), and Adam has started calling them "armpit hands". They are smellllllly.
  • She's starting to understand that her arms are attached to her, and likes to touch our faces. It's all really cute until she accidentally punches you in the face in the middle of the night. (That's one way to wake me up!)
  • She's been giving us "sleepy smiles" for awhile, but in the last couple days we've gotten some smiles with eye contact! Melt my heart.
  • She's becoming more vocal, and not in the crying way (thank goodness). Her little coos are possibly the cutest sounds, ever.
  • People still comment on how long her fingers and toes are. Fun fact, my mom was reading my baby book and she said those were their "first thoughts" when I was born. 
  • She sleeps in our bed, but will take a few (short) naps in her crib every once in awhile. She hates her bassinet, so that's basically turned into next-to-bed storage.
  • She's been wide-eyed and alert since the moment she was born, and continues to be that way! She likes to open her eyes really wide - my mom said I did the same thing as a baby.
  • She's pretty good at holding her head up when you have her on your shoulder. 
  • She burps and farts like an old man. Seriously, they could wake up the neighbors. 
  • She hates to be swaddled and loves to stretch out.
  • She's starting to lose her hair and has the cutest combover, ever.
  • She's officially out of her newborn clothes, except for a few onesies that I still force on her. Adam kept making fun of me for trying to keep her in newborn pants... "Her pants are now capris!"
  • We still can't decide who she looks like! She looked just like her daddy when she was born, but now we get mixed reviews. 
  • She loves music - it's one of the surefire ways to get her to calm down. Specifically the Contemporary Christian channel on Pandora.
  • Breastfeeding has been a great experience. She latched on right after she was born and has continued to do awesome! I just started pumping once a day last week, and am still figuring out that schedule.
  • I think she's going to be a tummy sleeper. She sleeps the best (and longest) when she's on her tummy. I know we're supposed to put her to sleep on her back, but she's been able to roll onto her side since day one and it stressed me out that she would fall on her face and suffocate. Turns out she just really wanted to be on her tummy!
  • She has her good nights and bad nights. We've noticed her worst nights are when she gets baths, so we're going to change bath time to the afternoon and see if that helps. For the most part, she'll sleep one four hour stretch and then a couple two-three hour stretches. Lately, it's been roughly 10:30pm - 2:00am, 2:30 - 5:30am, 6:00 - 9:00am. 
  • It's crazy how much I don't get frustrated when she's fussy and won't go to sleep. I just stare at her thinking I'm the luckiest person in the world! (Ok, so that's 99% of the time. There have been some breakdowns, of course.)
  • When she falls asleep on my chest I could just about die. It's the greatest feeling in the world, and she can do it as long as she wants. It won't be long until she doesn't want to be near me, so I'm soaking it all in.
  • As I imagined, watching her with her daddy just about makes my heart explode. They already love each other so much, and it takes everything in me to not break out in tears about it constantly.
As of her one month check up, she weighs 9lbs (36%) and is 22.25 inches tall (93%). Love our growing girl!

Overall, she's a pretty content baby and we love learning more about her and her personality everyday! It is truly my greatest honor to be her mom, and I can't believe we get to raise this precious little babe.

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