First Weeks Home

Friday, September 25, 2015

Well, we've survived the first three weeks! The memory space on my phone cannot say the same. It was hard picking out pictures for this blog - I have so many already! And of course I think she looks like the cutest thing in the world in all of them!

Uncle Mitch came in town to meet Aiden on her third day of life!

Kisses from Daddy!

Dominica meeting her little love!

Madi came, too!

Attempting a one week picture. She looks so adorable here I can hardly stand it.

She was born at 6lbs 2.8oz, but dropped down to 5lbs 13oz by her first doctor's appointment on Friday. They told me I needed to start waking her up every two hours to feed her so she could start gaining some weight. Of course, I was over-diligent about this, and we even tried to weigh her with a food scale and strainer over the weekend (see picture below… it was unsuccessful, but funny). Lucky for us, our little piglet was up to 6lbs 10oz by her next appointment on Tuesday (four days later!). The doctor was thrilled - no such thing as too much weight gain for a little babe! (We then went back the next Tuesday and she was up to 7lbs 5oz!)

Jude meeting Aiden for the first time! He wasn't thrilled that Grandma was paying attention to someone else.

Our first outing - to Grandma and Grandpa's.

Baker babies

The picture on the left is Adam as a newborn, and Aiden is on the right. You can't really tell in this picture, but they look exactly alike at this age.

Adam snapped this picture on the way home… Motherhood is tiring.

She gets more beautiful every day.

All dressed up for her second doctor's appointment. (She loves her daddy!)

First bath at home!

Daddy's been waiting for this!

What a difference two weeks makes! 
40 weeks pregnant vs. 1 week old

This onesie is the first thing I bought when I found out I was pregnant. It was pretty surreal seeing her in it. (And could she be any cuter?!?)

Ruthie is getting more and more interested in her baby sister.

First time cutting her little baby nails. One of the more stressful moments in my life, but we all survived.

Little love bug!

They love each other.

Aiden and her neighbor, Finleigh! Fin lives two doors down and was due four days after Aiden, but was actually born July 31. (Aiden was a little hangry for the photo op.)

I love this picture so much. Daddy's making up lullabies.

First college gameday! She was still too little to fit into any of her UGA gear.

Sleepy smiles!!

We had her newborn pictures taken when she was 12 days old… and the photographer kept the room at a cool 90 degrees. The heat made for a very sleepy and cuddly baby. :)

Sneak peek… We can't wait to see them!

My little bug. I am so in love.

We went to see our Bradley Method teacher, Suzanne! We love her.

Christine came in town!

"Mom! What is on my head??"

Her first real bath! (Adios umbilical cord… that bad boy fell off at 15 days.)

First walk in the stroller, and the weather has been beautiful!

This is the onesie I used to tell Adam I was pregnant. It was probably one of the more surreal moments in my life to actually see her in it.

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