Ready or Not… We Made it Home!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

We enjoyed our stay at Kennestone, but were ready to get outta there on Thursday! Since I had a fever when Aiden was born, she also had one. As a precaution, they did some bloodwork on her and we weren't able to leave the hospital until it all came back clear. She aced all of her blood and hospital tests (hearing, pulse ox, jaundice), but we still had to wait to hear back about the 48 hour blood cultures they took at birth. Lucky for us, her pediatrician discharged us before the final results came back as long as we promised to take her to the office the next day. DEAL! We're now adjusting to our new normal at home, and it has been so wonderful.

Here are some (ok, a LOT of) pictures from our time at the hospital and these first days home.

Our families in the waiting room shortly after Adam came out with the great news!

First family picture!

The three Bakers!

Our sweet little bug

Bigggggg yawn

Skin-to-skin is hands down the best feeling in the world.

My little love.

Skin-to-skin naps with Daddy. (Melt!)

Adam spent all afternoon YouTubing tutorials on how to swaddle - great success! Too bad she doesn't like to be swaddled...

Aiden, Papa and Papabear

Four generations!

Headed home as a family of three!

It's funny that I thought this outfit would be way too small for her.

Ready or not!

We're HOME!

First night! She actually did pretty well in her bassinet on night one (much better than she's done since then). 

First pediatrician's appointment

5lbs 13oz - such a little squirt!

Meeting her brother and sister! Ruthie and Hank were pretty indifferent, but they've gotten more interested in her and they're doing so well.

Ok, I only have 2729387239 more pictures to sort through for the next blog post… And she's not even three weeks old! We are so in love.

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