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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

After that intense blog last week, this one is going to look ridiculous. Because, guess what? It's a photo dump!

Family trivia night at Ceviche! It's always fun having my cousin, Christopher, in town. Even if most of his face is cut off. Plus, we came in third!

That face!!

Happy New Year from the Baker girls!

Love this family of mine.

The final UGA game of the year! (Might I add that I won the family Bowl Picks this year? Yep, 1st place out of 26 people. It's science, people.)

The cutest little fan I ever did see.

Nap time! (Visualize me taking this picture, please. It's pretty ridiculous what I do just to try to capture an everyday moment.)

Rolling on her tummy and so proud of herself.

Reaching for Papabear's wine glass! She whined every time we took it away - hilarious.

Such a big girl in her Bumbo.

I was getting ready one morning, turned around and saw this.

All dressed up for Hazel's Baptism.

Mattress shopping with Daddy.

"It's ok, mom. I can handle my medicine on my own."

Sunny Saturdays

Oh, my heart. JUDE!

Little lamb butt.

Fun at Grandma's!

These two. Obsessed.

And another random sleep spot. Her play mat.

Her first snow! Here's a quick video of her and Daddy:

Naturally, after taking off her snow gear, we put on her mermaid outfit. (Thanks, Whittney!)

Wahoo! I love my activity set! (I don't know the name of this contraption, so that's going to have to work.)

Making brownies with mom is HILARIOUS.

And we'll end it with a picture of this sweet cherub asleep in our bed. Why is she asleep there, you ask? Because she's back to waking up every hour or so all night. Around 5 or 6a, I finally just bring her in bed with us and she snoozes while we work. Tough life being a baby, I tell ya.

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