Babe's First Christmas

Monday, January 11, 2016

Last Christmas was so special to us, because it's when we announced to our family that we were pregnant! I vividly remember thinking that in just one short year we'd have a four month old to celebrate Christmas with. (Although, I don't recall the whole hospital visit in my dreams.) I can't even believe that was only a year ago. 2015 was by far the best year of my life. I loved being pregnant and now I just love this little bug more than I could have ever imagined.

We got home from the hospital on Christmas Eve, and the rest of the day was pretty low key... just soaking in our healthy babe.

I told myself I wouldn't get all crazy about traditions this year since we just got back from the hospital, but I still made cookies for Santa! (While Aiden slept, of course.)

Christmas morning she slept until about 10:30! Talk about an anti-climactic Christmas morning! And then she had to eat, so we didn't get around to opening presents or anything until around 11am. I guess we should enjoy that while it lasts. 

She was in such a good mood! (And looked so adorable in her jammies from Kalyn.)

Her first Tacky Hat Christmas!

She's officially a Baker!

Opening presents with Daddy! (Full disclosure: I just rewrapped toys she already has that haven't been opened. But Santa did bring her the Jesus Storybook Bible!)

Her stocking is bigger than her!

Nonna and Papa got the same swing that Grandma and Grandpa have…she LOVES it.

Chillin with Uncle Mitch

Annnd those are all the pictures I took. We tried to stay low key since we hadn't even been out of the hospital for a full day, and we were able to soak in some great family time.

Happy Birthday, Jesus! We love celebrating You!

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