Aiden: Six Months

Friday, February 26, 2016

HALF A YEAR?? WHAT?? Holy cow, time slow down. I spend my days simultaneously wanting time to speed up because I'm so excited about the little person she's becoming and wanting time to completely stop because I'm obsessed with my tiny babe.

"Excuse me, Mr. Lambie? I'm HOW OLD?"

Pretty accurate picture of her these days. Those hands are always in her mouth!

Month six has been such a joy!

  • She loves her crib. We put her down around 7:00 - 7:30pm and she sleeps until at least 7:00am. (Consecutively sleeping for 12 hours? That sounds too good to be true! It is. She still gets up every 3-4 hours to eat throughout the night.) Adam and I certainly enjoy our couple baby-free hours each night, though!
  • We've gotten into more of a routine these days. She's up for 1.5 hours, then sleeps for 45min - 1 hour, then we start it all over again. Of course, more often than not we stray from that schedule due to life getting in the way, but it's nice to have something in place. (Of course, if she's at Grandma's then she naps for like three hours in her magical swing.)
  • She loves to be naked. If she could spend all day in just a diaper, she would most definitely be 100% ok with that. 
  • She loves to roll from her back to her belly, but for the longest time refused to even try rolling back over. Which meant a lot of frustrated whining and Adam and I flipping her back over. Just this past weekend, she seems to have mastered rolling from her belly to her back. Yahoooo!
  • She found her feet and loves to grab them and put them in her mouth. We call it baby yoga, and I think it's just about the cutest thing, ever.
  • She also loves to chew her fingers. Every once in awhile she'll find her thumb and start sucking, which is too adorable for words.
  • We set up her highchair a couple weeks ago, since she's so close to sitting up. She loves to sit in there (or her Bumbo) and watch us, play with toys and be all around adorable.
  • She's been so interested in our food and drinks, and although our pediatrician recommended waiting until six months to give her anything but milk, we decided to let her start drinking a little water here and there. If she's in a fussy mood, it's a great way to distract her! I'm not confident she's actually even getting water, but it's hilarious to watch her try to drink it.
  • We tried to hold off until six months to give her food, but caved the night before her half birthday. She had avocados and LOVED them! I put a video of her first taste in the links below.
  • Speaking of milk, I started supplementing with formula on February 8. (Can you tell she's our first child? I documented the day she first had formula.) I really wanted to make it to six months of exclusive breastfeeding, but I'll be out of town March 1-3 (don't remind me), and was stressing myself out trying to figure out how to pump enough for her. I already can't keep up with her when I pump during work hours. We only do 1-2 bottles of formula while she's with Grandma or Nonna, and I still only breastfeed her when she's with me. As you can imagine, she couldn't care less and has had zero adverse reactions. This mother's guilt thing is so real. Before we tried the formula, I called my pediatrician, explained the situation and said "Basically, I just need someone to tell me this is ok." 
  • The dreaded day finally came. I cut her finger with the fingernail clippers. It didn't bother her a bit, but goodness I didn't realize fingers bled so much! It looked like a mini crime scene in our living room.
  • We went down to the neighborhood playground and she went swinging for the first time! She loved it and kept flashing this really shy smile. Like she was embarrassed to be having fun. Oh, my heart.
  • Her hair is so insanely floofy and sticks straight up. I DIE. Seriously. It's the cutest thing in the whole world.
  • She's started reaching for Adam and me when someone else is holding her and she gives hugs (not on command). My heart melts into a big puddle every time.
Her six month appointment went great (minus those yucky - but oh, so necessary - shots). She's weighing in at 15lbs 2oz and is 26" long!

Six month cuteness overload:
First time trying water
First time attempting a straw
Her new pony trick

Overall she is such a HAPPY baby these days! We are soaking in every minute and don't understand how our hearts can handle so much love.

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