February Fun

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Since my whole Come To Jesus declaration at the beginning of the year, I've kind of been slacking on here. Up until now this blog has mostly been used an online picture book. And I'm slowly having to break myself of that habit every time I pull up this website.

Today is not that day. I give you… more pictures from 2016.

Aiden and I joined our gals for brunch at Parish and a walk on the BeltLine. It was a gorgeous day!

We headed up to Gainesville to see Kirklan and his little bundle. Hayden is almost three months older than Aiden. Look how cute he is with his hand on her shoulder!

The reason we headed up to Gainesville was for Dallas' baby shower. Can't wait to meet sweet Madelyn!

AND that night we attended Team Hidi 4.0. It was a LONG day.

Now we'll move on to the embarrassing amount of Aiden pictures…

"Mom, I have no toys. I'm so bored."

Her first time swinging! Her friend Finleigh was also down there. Can't wait to see how these girls play when they're a little older.

She loved it! I took a little video (click here). I can hardly stand her sweet smile.

She's decided to be a tummy sleeper (sometimes).

Hahah, I love this picture. She looks like a little person!

Beauty by AG. Now taking appointments!

Cutest elephant I ever did see.

She is such a HAPPY baby!!

Super Bowl 2016 = Baby Bowl 2016

I went to get her after her nap, and this is what I found. How did that even happen??

If she's not asleep, she hates being in her carseat when we're in stores. And she's not a huge fan of the Moby Wrap unless she's sleepy. After one too many meltdowns at Target where I had to carry her and push/turn the cart with my hip, I decided to breakout her shopping cart cover and barricade her in. She LOVED it. She was too busy looking around to even smile for a picture.

Who is this big baby?!

Her Mardi Gras 2016 photo shoot. Thank you to Maggie and Michael (her Godparents) for the amazing onesie!

I love this picture. It sums up her stage of life right now. Interested in everything.

Such a joy!

THIS PICTURE. I love that little face of hers.

My neighbor, Anne, started a little book club. We kicked it off Tuesday night with some bubbly and King Cake. Look forward to starting Accidental Saints.

Morning yoga!

Juliet and Joelle came to stay with Debbie and Dave, and Aiden was enthralled with them! Juliet is four and she was just a full of energy and hilarious. She put on a show for us Friday night and we were all crying from laughing so hard.

Cuddles with Papabear!

This is what bathtubs are for, right? Watching mom get ready?

Little Bear!

AG's first (of many, many, many) baseball games! Adam is coaching for King's Academy this year, so we braved the cold (very cold) to watch their first game.

We decided to put together her highchair, since she'll be starting solids soon. Doesn't she look like a baby dictator here?? Haha. She LOVES being in just a diaper. I'm pretty sure she would roll around naked all day, if she could.

And there's your Baker roundup. Just in time, because I hear a little someone waking up in her crib.

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